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Martina informs us: “We decided to organize this event because of the situation of tribal in Prague and all Czech republic. There were two big tribal events in Brno and in Teplice with long tradition. Brno is the place, where tribal is well grounded for years, and Teplice as well, but Prague missed any tribal event. In Prague, there was a very strange situation. Tribal seemed to became more popular, and a lot of dancers started to teach it without knowing any basics of ATS etc. It happened that students became confused and a lot of dancers started to get lost how tribal fusion and ATS should look like. There were no other way to show to the audience and raks sharki dancers, how Tribal should look like, but to organize a festival. Festival, in Prague, where everybody can show his tribal performance, and audience can see, how tribal dance looks like.
In the first year of this event the headlight was Elizabeth Strong – amazing dancer, who was not for the first time in the Czech Republic. She also taught three workshops. The programme had two parts – afternoon Open stage and evening Gala show. The Open stage, as the name suggests, was open for new and unknown tribal dancers, who wanted to present themselves, and on the Gala show performed soloist and groups from Czech and abroad, which are known by their professionalism
in these styles.
For more info about workshops, performers and show please check the website

Martina Viewegová

Kateřina Havelková

This year, there are three workshops with Samantha Emanuel and two days of evening shows. We discovered, that unknown tribal dancers can be really great also, so we decided to give them all evening to perform. On Friday 25th of March, you can see new talents on Open stage, on Saturday 26th, you can see well known Czech and foreign soloists and groups on Gala show, such us Samantha Emanuel, Bri Hurley, Nakari, Rustiqua, Tribal Mafia and many more.
Kateřina Havelková & Martina Viewegová
All workshops will take a place at Studio Fontanela at Korunní 35, Prague 2.

1. Workshop

The Octopus Hypothesis

In this workshop we will consider many water based concepts, for example: A significant fraction of the human body is water, over half our total weight.

Elaine Morgans Aquatic Ape Hypothesis that "humans evolved from  primitive ancestors who dwelt in watery habitats".
Sea creature imagery: the shock of the electric eel vs the undulating beauty of the octopus.We will use these ideas to tap into our internal reservoirs and move in a more dynamic way.

We will wake up the synovial fluids with a cardio warm up and flow through rippling circular and rolling wavelike movement sequences to help us dive deeper into what makes Tribal Fusion so otherworldly.
Join Samantha on an under water expedition using typical tribal fusion movements and not so typical hip hop undulatory breakdowns.

All levels. come dressed for a workout, don't eat a heavy meal before  hand and please bring a yoga mat!!

Saturday 26.3.2011, 11a.m. - 2p.m

2. Workshop

Creative finger cymbal compositions

For dancers wishing to enhance their finger cymbal skills.
We will use tribal style movement to help us dance with more confidence as we become proficient in playing various patterns . The short compositions will be drilled and students encouraged to create their own movement interpretations utilising the cymbal compositions.
Participants will benefit most if preceded by Lauren Boldt's License To Zill Level 1 Workshop


Sunday 27.3.2011, 11a.m. - 1p.m.

3. Workshop

Combinations for improvisation. Nourish your Roots.

To have a healthy plant you need to encourage its growth at its roots. A drills class with focus on the upper body carriage so styalstic of Tribal Style Belly Dance. Hone clean articulation throughout the body whilst striving to project the strength and open frame characteristic of well excecuted Tribal Belly Dance.
"Jumping is to soaring as improvisation is to choreography" Lynne  Anne Blom. Play with Tribal Style movements through practicing short combinations with varying tempos. Slow and strong, fast and fluid. Including cues to signal the combination thus enabling the dancer to add it to an improvised group performance piece.

Bring a yoga mat and drinking water.

Sunday 27.3.2011, 2p.m. - 4p.m.
For more info and signing in please contact us at
We will confirm your registration and send you paying details..

Attention: places at workshops are limited!

OPEN STAGE 25.3.2011 DIVADLO NA PRÁDLE (Theatre Na Prádle)
Afra (Opava)
Alishaba (Banská Bystrica, Slovakia)
Amira Sofia (Brno)
Anička + Lady Stania (Teplice)
Alexandra + Eszter (Budapest, Hungary)
Byakko (Brno)
Duo Baribal (Praha)
Freya (Plzeň)
Galeb Tribe (Kladno/ Praha)
Habibi Tribe (Praha)
Hana Kmínová (Brno)
Kateřina Tabhaee Nechvátalová (Chomutov)
Karolína Kalašová (Praha)
Michaela Sládečková (Praha)
Monika Múčková  (Trenčín, Slovakia)
Monika Petrová (Praha)
Orchidee Noire (Chomutov)
Rasha + Lu (Břeclav)
Red Rose Tribe (České Budějovice)
Siderea (Praha)
Tereza Štojdlová (Praha)
Veronika Tribe (Praha)
Vespera Sidereus (Kladno)
Zuzana Korbelová (Plzeň)
Zuzana Veselá (Praha)
(Theatre Na Prádle)
Samantha Emanuel (United Kingdom)
Afsana + Lucilla (Brno)
Aiwa Tribe (České Budějovice)
Alexandra Márton (Budapest, Hungary)
Bri Hurley (Brno)
Jedová růže (Praha)
Jitka Pokorná (Brno)
Karolína Rozsívalová  (Chomutov)
Katka Havelková (Kladno/ Praha)
Krea (Plzeň)
Maria Fomina (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Marta Bedriová  (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Martina Viewegová (Praha)
Nakari (Vídeň, Austria)
Onyx Tribe (Ústí nad Labem)
Renenet Tribe + Michaela Blažíková (Praha)
Rustiqua (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Saffron Tribe (Teplice)
Seiren Tribe (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Sharie (Praha)
Tamawi (Praha)
Tribal Mafia (Moscow, Russia)
Zafirah (Brno)
Zuzana Geciová (Banská Bystrica, Slovakia)
Samantha Emanuel
Tribal Mafia
Graphic and layout: Konstanze Winkler

The already second edition of Festival Tribal Prague
will be held on the
25th - 27th of March

Headlight of the festival will be one
of the superstars
Samantha Emanuel

Tribal Prague is an
international festival dedicated to
ATS, Tribal fusion, Gothic
and similar styles, and is
organized by dancers
Martina Viewegová
and Kateřina Havelková.