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In order to participate in the third edition of the BellyFusions Festival, artists and/or companies must agree with the following conditions as well as fill in the application form and return it with the required documents before the deadline.

The BellyFusions Festival will offer to the selected artists/companies:

- The opportunity to perform at the open stage called "New talents" organised
during the BellyFusions Festival in Paris on Friday evening, 21st of January 2011. Please, note that the participation in the open stage "New talents" is on a voluntary basis. Therefore neither compensation nor fee will be paid.

- The possibility for the artist/company to publicize their work (flyers, business cards)

- An addition of a brief presentation of the artist/company on the Festival publicity
(website, press, leaflets…).

Artists and companies selected for the BellyFusions Festival will have to
satisfy the following conditions:

- To have completed and sent their application form and the requested documents before the 15th of June 2010. Please, be aware that only fully completed applications matching the festival’s requirements will be taken into account

- To be an artist/company in the dance field with a dominant interest in oriental dance and agree to perform a 5 minutes (artist)/7minutes (company) long choreography during the open stage “New Talents”. This performance should be new and representative of the fusion.

- To understand and to agree that the BellyFusions Festival reserves the right to use photos and videos made for free by its own team during the event to promote it. The artist/company will give the rights for free to the BellyFusions festival ;

- To be able to cover individual participation costs (i.e. travelling expenses, accommodation, meals, any other personal purchase…);

- To be able to obtain any necessary documents to enter France;

- To have a valid medical insurance policy for the duration of your stay in France.

All the artists taking part in the BellyFusions Festival will benefit from the publicity and promotion which will be made, mainly on internet and through the specific networks linked with oriental dances.

Note: If you have already applied for the festival program BellyFusions 2011, needless sending your application again. It will automatically be taken into account.

Compulsory additional information

PLEASE, send with your application form the following compulsory element:

A Video (CD, DVD or website) of the style you wish to teach. This unique video (between 2 and 5 minutes max.) will have to clearly show the style of fusion you wish to perform at the festival.

Please, note that no item will be returned after the selection process.

In order to be fair to all applicants, only full applications received on time will be taken into account.

No exemption will be considered.


1. By email (highly recommended)

2.By post

- please do not send your application by private courier eg.UPS, DHL… -

Festival BellyFusions - c/o Julie de St Blanquat
18 rue Touzet Gaillard - 93400 Saint-Ouen - FRANCE

More information about BellyFusions: /

Application form can be downloaded: Application form