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The stars are mainly from Belgium and the Netherlands, which perform and instruct (some of them at least) an June 12th and 13th in Dutch Heerlen and German Würselen. But the more German audience will appear the more German dancers should be seen next time on stage and in front of the work shop rooms. (Which could happen to every other nation in exactly the same manner) But for now look forward to the following artists, please:

Dancing has been a part of Iserona’s life since she was 5, but since the past few years oriental/middle-eastern dance has been her passion number one. Iserona’s performances radiate the pure joy and personal harmony that she shares in this art form as well as in life. Find out more about Iserona on
Chadia and Luna have known each other since school days, but finding oriental dance has brought them even closer. Now, many years later, they graduated in Heerlen as professional oriental dancers and instructors and often perform together as duo Chadia and Luna. They won third place in Leyla Jouvana’s Bellydancer of the World competition for Duo’s in 2008, and in 2009 Luna won first place in the Benelux Bellydance Championships! Find out more about Chadia and Luna of Belgium on:
We are Rebellyous! It's all in the name, and tribal fusion belly dance is our game!
We dance with our hips and give it a good old twist! This dynamic Tribal Fusion duo lives in the Netherlands and performs regularly with live band ‘Don Capo’.
Hanaa has started taking classes with Khalida in 2006, and started taking workshops from international instructors over the years. She recently endeavored in performing as a soloist and not without succes: She won second place in Eindhoven this March at the Benelux Championships of 2010! Check out Hanaa’s Facebook-page
Amirah has been bitten by the Tribal Fusion bug a few years ago and performs as a soloist as well part of the award-winning Tribal Fusion duo Kokoro (Winner Bellydancer of the World Duo 2009!) She teaches oriental as well as tribal fusion belly dance and workshops in Belgium. Find out more about Amirah and Duo Kokoro on
Milka may be a little girl, but one with a big passion for belly dance! She is a creative and experimental dancer in both her choreographies and her choice of music, and together with Amirah she forms the successful Tribal Fusion duo Kokoro. Although Milka's heart lies in Tribal Fusion style dancing, she did manage to land first place at the Dutch Belly dancing Championships of 2009. Check out Milka’s webpage

Ruby has been dancing for almost three decades. She started out taking classes with Aziza from Valkenburg and Soraya from Rotterdam back in the day, and has been making a living as professional performer and instructor in oriental dance since 8 years. She combines classical oriental belly dance techniques with different kinds of movement art and her own dance experiences such as balinese, polynesian, flamenco, hiphop, ballroom, roma/gypsy and martial arts, thus creating and sharing this dance in her own unique blend. Both Khalida and Milka have taken classes with Ruby in the Netherlands.Ruby’s webpage:
Amira from the Netherlands started taking belly dance classes and workshops at the age of 14 and got completely. She opened her own belly dance shop at 17 and is currently studying Arabic language and culture to gain a deeper understanding of oriental dance and oriental music. She will be joining the Milka/Khalida weekend with the BD store ‘Amira’s belly dance fantasy’ and she will be as performing as one of our guests at the MK-Hafla show in Heerlen 12th of June. Visit Amira’s shop at
Khalida is a multi-award winning professional oriental dancer and instructor, born in Belgium, living in Germany. In 2007 she won first place in the main category of Leyla Jouvana’s Bellydancer of the World, third place in Orits international competition in Eilat and in 2009 she won second place at the Isis awards of Bellydance Congress for professional dancers in the UK. Next to teaching weekly and private classes in Germany Khalida currently travels across Europe and overseas to continue learning about, performing and teaching this beloved art form. Khalidas webpage:
Asiya started oriental dancing about 12 years ago, and is professional teacher of group Raksa Gamila
(40 students!) since 4 years. She enrolled in a program for professional oriental dancers in the Netherlands
2 ½ years ago and graduated from it in the course of this year. At 49 she is still going strong, and hoping to be able to dance and enjoy this art form for many years to come. Asiyas webpage:
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