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June 12th and 13th in Dutch Heerlen and German Würselen

Shujana is a dancer and teacher with a lot of charisma. She has a really sweet personality and an amazing technique. In 2008 she brought her belly dance education at Yamila’s to a successfully end and celebrated this with a splendid show.
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Azaryah is a 22 year old belly dancer from The Netherlands, who has been dancing since she was little. After doing street dance for many years, she found her true love ... belly dance. Belly dancing is her drug against the daily madness of everyday life and she hopes to dance until she disappears into an elderly home someday. Azaryah just adores about every style, from pure "classical oriental" to "tribal fusion" and almost anything in between. Some inspirations include: Rachel Brice, Moria Chappell, Aziza and Suhaila Salimpour.
Belly dancer Majidah lives in the (Dutch) province of Zeeland. Over there the ladies also love to wiggle with their hips. In Middelburg, Vlissingen, and Zierikzee she teaches belly dance, she performs in all parts of the Netherlands and also gives work shops. Belly dance means for her to express emotions through moves and rhythms. And it is her aim to make the people enjoy this most wonderful dance in its best way.
Coperformer Milka about her festival at the coming weekend:
What will you teach in your work shops?

In the first workshop I will teach some nice hand/arm combinations and we will combine them in a cheeky, cute and burlesque choreography. The second workshop will involve a lot of technique, drills, layerings and sweating. It’s time to kick our ass again!

What will you perform on stage

I’m going to use music from a really cute but heroic computer game. This game, about four little cute but brave knights will be my inspiration. It’s a performance that represents the same characteristics as the knights represent in the game. Fight for your live and have fun while doing it!

Why would you take your work shop with you when going on a desert island?

I would definitely take a workshop with me to a desert island because training and practicing takes a lot of time! Something not every dancer has enough off, including me. Some time at a desert island will give you the opportunity to train your ass off with great weather and an awesome view. And when you leave the island and come back to the normal world you can amaze everyone with your awesome skills! I would sign up for it for sure!

And here are some more detailed workshop descriptions:

Saturday 12 June

11:00-13:00 Milka: Arm/hand combos and Burlesque    

This workshop with Milka offers smooth and slinky arm/ hand combinations that we will roll into a cute but funky Burlesque fusion choreo! Don’t forget to bring your muscles! :0)

14:00-16:00 Khalida: pops, locks, shimmies and undulations

An action-packed technique workshop, useful for both oriental and tribal fusion aficionados ;0) Khalida will be working with you to perfect your drum solo tricks, improve your shimmy stamina, sharpen your accents, and smoothen your undulations.. Be ready to work up a sweat!

Sunday 13 June

11:30-13:30 Milka: new TF drills and layering combos

This Milka workshop will cover new drills to strengthen your muscles and som new layering combinations that we will use in a short but powerful choreo at the end of the workshop! Rock on!

14:00-16:00 Milka and Khalida: drumsolo choreography with duo combos

A cool and kicky brand new duo drum solo, especially made for this weekend, mixing both Milka and Khalida's personal styles for your enjoyment :0) Lots of fun combinations and cute duo tricks to take home with you! PS: You can see it in action at the Hafla on Saturday!

16:30-18:30 Khalida: transitions and traveling steps

Traveling in style ;0) Or how to get from A to B, dancewise! An essential and useful workshop for dancers of all styles, we'll be working on 'the movements between the steps' and 'the steps between the movements' Glide and stride, breathe and lead!

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Johanna started dancing classical ballet when she was 4 years old. At the age of 14, after a serious back surgery, she discovered her real passion : bellydance.

Since that discovery, she never stopped dancing. Throughout the years, she followed lots of workshops and classes with national and international bellydance artists in order to keep on growing as a professional bellydance teacher and performer.

Her enthusiasm and sparkling personality will put a smile on your face, too :-)

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