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October 10th 2013


The Smoky Eyes not only deserved to become the Tribal Queens of 4th Black Forest Festival 2013 they are also out of their minds with excitement. See, what they write in their Newsletter # 84: “THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO VOTED FOR US !!!!


Les SMOKY EYES sont heureuses de vous annoncer qu'elles ont été élues "Reines" du Black Forest Tribal Fest 2013 à Offenburg en Allemagne !!!!
Merci au public d'avoir voté pour nous!”

For those, who want to see more “Smoky Eyes” they will participate at the contest “Bellydancer of the World” at Leyla Jouvana & Roland’s 21st Oriental Festival in Duisburg, Germany, November 23rd . And this makes us exited! &

October 30th 2013


Promoter Andreea Bonea has collected a very delightful programme for her first „TribalFestBucharest“, for us the well known dancer Sway will report from the Romanian capital. Of course we are very curious, who will make it at the contest. The first places will perform next year at “Tribal Fest Hanover” and the runners-up will be portrayed here in “Hagalla”. Here are the bravest women of the world:

CONTEST SOLO: Czilla (Hungary), Haza (France) and from Romania: Deea, Florenta Cernescu, Anamaria Anton, Diana Scantee, and Adela Jordache.

CONTEST GROUP: Cat Troupe (Russia) and from Romania Domino Sistahz, Najah Tribe, and Mika Troupe.

We wish you all the best of luck.

On the OPEN STAGE are to be seen: Makeda (USA), Cat Troupe (Russia) and from Romania: Hermina, Flori Barbu, Mika, and the drummers Barbarossa, Los Blancos (drum circle) and Deea & Eliza (dancing to live drums).

This leads us to the Saturday night gala and the line up is as follows:
Hermina & Andreea with Kamilla and Electric Brother, 1. place Contest Solo, 1. place Contest Group, Makeda (USA), Sway (Germany), Manca Pavli (Slovenia), Ashley Lopez (USA), Patrizia (Italy), Kamilla (Romania), Taisa (Ukraine), Alexis Southall (Great Britain), Tjarda (Netherlands), and once again Manca Pavli (Slovenia) and Ashley Lopez (USA).

November 18th 2013


Promoter Mahasti informs us that in the Hungarian capital of Budapest the next of her contests will be held in 2014 on February 16th (Hagalla has written about it in the past and will do so in the future). This competition has the beautiful name “Daughters of Moonlight”, the English translation of Mahasti. One of their stars, Eszter Rembeczki has, amongst others, shown several times in Germany the high standard of Hungarian dancing. This year, a whole score of Mahasti maidens will participate at Leyla Jouvana’s & Roland’s contest “Bellydancer of the World” at the last Saturday in November in Duisburg, Germany. This will mean tough luck for the rivals … (
May, 28th 2014


This is, what Charlotte Desorgher, director of "Company of Dreams" has to announce: “Come with us on a journey of dreams. A journey to the magical orient of fantasy and wild imaginings! Company of Dreams is a new, Arts Council funded dance company led by internationally renowned oriental dancer/choreographer Charlotte Desorgher. Innovative, theatrical and thrilling, the company takes its audiences on a sensual journey through orientalist fantasies and childhood tales - tales such as Sindbad, Sheherezade and Aladdin, which hold fascination for western, middle eastern and far eastern audiences alike.

Fire, silk and swords are the company's armoury; bellydance and contemporary dance their vocabulary. A newly awarded Arts Council grant supports them in their work creating a brand new dance style. 

The company launched in late January 2014 with a two night sell out show at the Cockpit Theatre in London. The response from all sections of the audience was so overwhelming and the requests for repeats so strong, they are currently putting together a quick, short tour of the south of England. 

Next performance

Saturday 14th June 2014, Ashcroft Theatre, Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, Croydon CR9 1DG (greater London). Performance starts 7.30pm

For more information please contact company director, Charlotte Desorgher:,
June, 16th 2014


Dear Jasirah, Eliana and Shalymar, our hearts flew with you to Milano and we wish you a marvellous and successful performance with "Alice in Wonderland" (we are sure you will stun the Italian audience) Yours, the "Hagalla" team.
September, 1st 2014


On November 15th and 16th there will be the next  tribal earth quake in South Eastern Europe. Andreea Bonea will relaunch her Tribal Fest. The first edition was higly praised and a big success (see report in this magazine by “hagallady” Sway). Andreea informs us: “This is our second edition and we are hoping to inspire more dancers and dance lovers to join. We like passionate people and we want to create a framework for them to act on their dreams.”
Star guest will be American Tribal Fusion queen Deb Rubin, accompanied by the two “Merkaba” dancers, German stars Inga Petermann and Giuliana Angelini. The event will take place in a new venue, “Control Club Bucharest”. The promoters hope for a more partylike atmosphere. Stay tuned there will be more.

February, 13th 2015

GATES TO FUSION IN PARIS – Registration now open!

In late summer, or to be more precise from September 3rd – 6th 2015, another “Gates to Fusion” Weekend with Anasma and Linda Faoro takes place in Paris. The registration is now open and you can save money as early bird (up to 170 Euro!). Special guests at this weekend are Tjarda van Straten and Piny Orchidaceae.

About their history: Anasma and Linda Faoro met in 2009 at the Bellyfusions Festival, Paris. A relation of trust and dialogue build up over time, and in 2010, both being recognized internationally for their unique and innovative styles, Anasma and Linda toured together in the US. In 2012, Linda Faoro's Traveling Dance School and Anasma World Citizen Dance School teamed up on a regular basis to launch a common training for Oriental Fusion with weekly classes and week-end intensives.

After four years of artistic collaboration, the multi-facetted dancers and choreographers decided to co-found the International Urban Bellydance Collective in 2013. Their idea is that artists from all over the world can bring in their unique perspective on Urban Bellydance Fusions during exclusive choreographic encounters.

Here’s the „Gates to Fusion“-Trailer on YouTube – to get appetite for more:

Also in May (2nd – 3rd 2015) there’s  a „Gates to Fusion“ Intensive weekend with Anasma and Linda in Paris, but this time without special guests. But here too you can save money if you register til the 1st of April.

Infos and registration for both „Gates to Fusion“ dates here:
April, 23rd 2015


Stupid question, who wouldn’t? But how to become a BDotW? The simplest way is to participate at the competition of the „Bellydancer of the World 2015“ (28./ 29. November) and to win this prestigious title. This contest is held regularly at the annual “Oriental Dance Festival Europe” in Duisburg, Germany and these days the organisers of this really big festival, Leyla & Roland Jouvana, announce the newest edition for this year. So be you Ms., Mrs., Miss or Mme (or even male) don’t hesitate or dawdle to long, but check out: