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German Belly Dance Star Apsara Habiba (
Flowing dream manes, peacock and (Red) Passion
- Magic Tribal Hair equips
for the Fall Tribal Session!

by Melanie Penners
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which, by the way, was the first Tribal Fusion Combination offered by Magic Tribal Hair. Since spring 2009 many wonderful accessories have been added like the 2 clip in yarn extensions Apsara Habiba (below, on the left) is wearing. These are attached to special comb clips from wig production and offer very strong hold even in 5 cm/ 2'' short hair. Every hair fall by Magic Tribal Hair, no matter if yarn, dread or kanekalon hair fall, can be made as such a clip variant!
Matching hip tassels, hip scarves and a huge peacock head piece, which can be seen even better in picture 13, complete the outfit.
(below, on the right) is wearing Red Passion Hollyhock hip tassels, a matching hip scarf, Red Passion yarn falls size M, red lily hair flowers (pointing out from under the hair falls) and black clip in plaits with tribal buttons looking like cymbals. These clip in plaits have the special comb clip attachment as well and are thus convenient for use in short hair as well!

Picture 12 (right)
Red Passion Nostalgia hip tassels are available with cowry ornament decoration and with nostalgic flowers
Picture 11(left)
Yarn falls Red Passion size L and 60 cm/ 24'' long on the left, yarn falls Red Passion Nostalgia size L in extra long (80 cm/ 31.5'') in the middle and on the right Red Passion Nostalgia hip & hair tassels with cowry ornament decoration, worn as hair jewelry in combination with a Fantasy bun of a Supersize Fantasy Plait, colour antique red (brand new special Magic Tribal Hair colour!)
Pic. 13 (below, right)
Naturally there are some new fascinators and head pieces of feathers and flowers matching these new amazing outfits! The single baroque curls below left in the collage are attached to the already mentioned special comb clips as well. They can be used in many ways and are also available with more curly strands on one clip
Want even more peacock accessories? Just take a look at the new Fairy and Fantasy Combinations! Shades of green mixed with black and brown are dominant and peacock feathers are just a perfect match to these colours!
Picture 14 (below)
Radeja presents the Forest Witch Dreadlocks Combination: On the left 2 dread falls size L, 60 cm/ 24'' long each, matching hair flowers, brown net hip scarf and 2 hip tassel clips Forest Witch with large dark green gerbera blossoms.

On the right the same hip scarf and tassels and custom colour clip in plaits with
11 peacock feathers.
Picture 15 (above): And another new combination: Peacock Fairy, here with 2 hip & hair tassels worn as hair jewelry and as hip tassels - they look great in combination with Elven Plaits, too! The little brown roses are attached to 3 hair clips and cover the safety pin that holds the gathered skirt in place. Hair flowers by Magic Tribal Hair are perfect for wearing on clothes as well, as the clips offer very strong hold and don't have any teeth, so they will not damage any fabrics!
Picture 17 (left)
Matching yarn falls Peacock Fairy which can be made with or without plaits of your own hair colours and peacock feathers, just as you want them!
Picture 16 (above): Smaller hair flowers and especially flat flowers look great on rings, earrings, arm bands... They will not scratch your jewelry as the clips do not have any teeth like alligator clips and so you can wear them as hair jewelry and combine them on jewelry and clothes as well! By the way, the red plaits are the smallest plait model made of creepy hair in extra long (90 cm/ 36'') – Magic Tribal Hair will find a match to any hair colour as all colours are mixed by hand from a large range of basic colours – new for each order!
One more brand new Tribal Fusion Combination: Purple Passion!
Colours: Purple and violet, black and a touch of glitter
Picture 18 (right)
Purple Passion Cowry Combination: Apsara Habiba is wearing 4 hip & hair tassel clips with large cowry decoration, 2 as hair tassels and the other 2 as hip tassels. The large flower on her top, the cameo brooch and the precious large roses in her hair complete the combination. Naturally all items can be bought single as well!
Picture 19 (below, right)
The colour purple and peacock feather are just a gorgeous combination! Naturally there is a peacock version of this combination as well: Purple Passion Peacock! The hair roses I mentioned earlier add a touch of nostalgia to this outfit!
Both combinations are completed with matching yarn falls which can be decorated with further plaits of kanekalon hair, matched to your own hair or to the colours in the hair fall. The plaits themselves can also be decorated with peacock feathers, cowries, ostrich plumes... just feel free to place your custom order!
Hair(y) Art: Hair roses in many sizes!

These are the neat adornments Apsara Habiba is wearing arranged to a tiara in pictures 12, 13, 18 and 19. Each of them is attached to its own professional hair clip, so they can be used single and be arranged in many ways. 1-3 pieces already make a wonderful plaited hairdo and 5 of them a full tiara, you may need 6 on larger heads. Also a great match with small hair flowers, of which Magic Tribal Hair offers many different ones among the total of about 300 different hair flowers!
Amazing updos with hair fillers:
Buns and plaited updos

You might have already wondered how to make these plaited updos which Apsara Habiba presents in the pictures with the Red Passion Nostalgia and the Purple Passion Combination. This is incredibly easy with a pair of hair fillers! All hair styles in picture 20 are made of such a pair of small hair fillers of creepy hair!
Picture 20
From left to right and from top to bottom:

1. A pair of creepy hair fillers, smallest size, worn open. The doll's own hair is put into small buns on top of the attachment.

2. the same hair fillers worn as a pair of plaits

3. Both hair fillers have been decorated with clip in dreads and have then been plaited. One plait has been draped above the forehead and the end is wrapped around the beginning of the other plait.

4. Both hair fillers are plaited and then wrapped around their beginnings to make tribal style buns. By the way, this hairstyle I already introduced to you in the previous article. There the buns were made of hair fillers of wavy hair. Comparing the pictures you will see, that the ones of creepy hair have more volume.

5. These tribal buns look different, because the hair fillers are not plaited. Each hair filler is put into two strands and each strand is slightly twisted and wrapped to a bun. Secure them with hair pins. This is easier to do with creepy than with wavy hair.

6. Plaited updo: The plaits are draped in a lying 8 on the back of the head. Sounds complicated but is in fact very easy to do: Step by step instructions can be found in the web shop!
Don't hesitate to get in touch with me by mail or telephone in case of any questions! You can contact me in German, Swedish, Dutch and French as well.

Have fun exploring all the opportunities with hair falls and other accessories,
Melanie Penners – Magic Tribal Hair
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Many hair jewelry & hair flower sets, hip & hair tassels, peacock & feather fascinators, headbands, yarn & dread falls and some tribal fusion combinations have already been added to the bargain basement (% SALE in the left purple menu). And throughout winter there is more to come: About 120 kanekalon hair falls, 20 tribal fusion combinations and 100 more hair jewelry & hair flowers sets! Just take a glance now and then so you don't miss anything!
Photos: Picture 10 André Elbing (, all others © Melanie Penners