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Braided burgess of the middle ages:Apsara Habiba (
FIRE And ICE Embrace

Magic Tribal Hair has been realizing your latest hair dreams – from natural to Goth, Steampunk & Fantasy style

feat. Belly Dance Star Apsara Habiba
by Melanie Penners
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Plaited braids are not just braids
but a basis for many updos!

You saw Apsara Habiba with 2 SZ braids (thinnest braids in extra long) in picture 1. Such long braids are very popular with North American Belly Dancers at the moment and they are often worn in a pair. This doesn't surprise me, because a braid or two braids of your own hair color match any costume and can be changed with little accessories to a Bollywood, Steampunk, Tribal or whatever style braid! Moreover you can make some more hairdos with braids!
Magic Tribal Hair offers up to 90 cm/ 36 inch long braids and they come in 3 different volume sizes: SZ, MZ, LZ (the Z stand for “Zopf” which is German for braid). There are two hair structures to choose from: Wavy and crimped hair. When worn as open falls, crimped hair is mostly used for Goth and Fantasy styles, because it is very voluminous. When plaited, you hardly see the tiny zigzag waves, it almost looks like straight hair. The advantage of crimped hair is that it is easy to handle and much quicker to plait compared to wavy hair. Its great volume makes nice braids and braids of crimped hair are slightly thicker than braids of the same size which are made of wavy hair. Wavy hair is best when you wish to wear your braid only halfway plaited and for single LZ braids and a pair of MZ braids. These sizes are great for wearing as open hair fall, too and when you get them with wavy hair, you have even more styling possibilities.
Picture 11 Apsara Habiba as medieval citizen with a pair of 90 cm/ 36 inch long, halfway plaited MZ extra wave braids. These are 1 size larger than the SZ braids of crimped hair in picture 1 but look the same size, because wavy hair has less volume than crimped hair.
Picture 12 Here's the tiara Apsara Habiba is wearing in picture 11 in detail! It is made of 5 single, medium sized hair roses which come on a professional hair clip each. That means, that you can make many more hairdos with them and use them single or only 2 or three of them at a time, too!Custom -matched to your hair color and not only the icing of your Tribal Fusion outfit but also great for proms, weddings, reenactment, Renaissance costumes.... If you are interested in seeing more hairdos with hair roses just take a look at medium hair roses in the „Hair(y) Art“ section in the web shop. The small brown rose flower clips can be found in hair flowers.
Picture13 “Ssshhhh... hey you,
take a look at me! I'm an SZ wave braid and adorn Victoria's head
– no matter if she puts me on entirely or halfway plaited or open! And sometimes she decorates me with hair flowers, too!“
All smaller flowers are great for decorating braids. You can find them at a glance in „Bollywood Flowers“ in the hair flower section in the web shop.
Picture14 These two MZ wave braids in a pack of two are really cheeky! The nice Victoria on the right uses them as open falls.
Picture 15
2  plaited MZ wave braids wrapped to buns. Naturally you can use them for many more nostalgic hairdos, just take a look at the styling tips in hair fillers in the hair fall section of the web shop!
How are such long braids attached?
Magic Tribal Hair offers 2 different attachments: Classic hair tie and hair tie attachment with additional fishtail attachment. All the falls in these pictures are with the additional fishtail attachment which you can recognize by the small buns at their beginnings.

If you wish to take a closer look at the fishtail attachment, just
click here and you will get to the previous Magic Tribal Hair article,
in hagalla magazine where the fishtail attachment is described in detail.
Whole lotta braids:
Fantasy braid by Magic Tribal Hair

Fantasy Braids look like made of complicated plaiting patterns, but they aren't: They are usual 3 strand braids with decorative elements. To me it's important to offer you a very long lasting braid. A regular 3 strand braid is easy to open, comb and plait again – you will never have to wear a fringy braid! The special patterns of Fantasy Braids by Magic Tribal Hair are caused by a special arrangement of the 3 strands or by decorative strands which just run with the flow when plaiting the hair. This means, that I have already prepared the „complicated“ part for you and the braid is very easy to handle. Naturally all decorative elements are sealed and will stay in shape for a long time as well. To sum it up: Braids by Magic Tribal Hair are multifaceted and long-life adornments!
Picture 16 Supersize Fantasy Braid with decorative elements: Victoria combines it with a matching Rapunzel Headband. In the picture on the right she has decorated it with Steampunk hair clips and below she has twisted it to a super large bun! This is very easy because you have to twist the braid around its attachment only one time. The end is tucked under the bun and everything is secured with hair pins – a Hollywood hairdo in just a couple of minutes!
Picture 17 Victoria Twins wearing Supersize Fantasy Braid summer style with hair flowers from the brand new 2013 hair flower collection.
Picture18 Victoria with 50 cm/ 20 inch long Snow White Braid (in the previous article I presented you the 90 cm/ 36 inch variant) worn as braid and as bun. The elf cameo ring has turned into a hair clip without the ring.
Picture 19 (below) One braid – 3 hairdos! Shown with Rapunzel Braid.
We have just learned that braids of wavy hair can be worn in many ways and even unplaited as hair falls. And also Fantasy braids and braids of crimped hair always come with 3 styling opportunities:
1. long braid
2. nostalgic braid coroner/ crown
3. Bun/ Chignon (the larger and longer the braid, the larger the bun)
Please notice that the nostalgic braid coroner can only be done with 90 cm/ 36 inch long braids on most adult heads, because 50 cm/ 20 inch braids are too short.
Picture 20 Wonderful Radeja with a 50 cm/ 20 inch long Elven Braid and as charmingVictoria and Lilith with 3 different Elven Headbands.
A perfect match to braids: Custom headbands!

Brand new, custom-matched to your own hair color and matching the design of popular braid ponytails! Many braids even have several different headband complements. Naturally you may feel free to mix different models, too. All headbands are comfortable to wear, the wider ones have a slip stop on the inside which resembles the one of hold-up stockings and strapless bras. The slip stop also prevents hair from coming out of the headband caused by the friction when putting it on and off, for long-life headbands! Headbands come with an elastic part in the neck which makes them fit every head!
Picture 21 (below) top row: Double Twist Headband, Triple Braid Headband,
Braid Headband, and Victoria is wearing the Elf Cameo as nostalgic brooch!
Bottom row: Princess Headband, wide Snow White Headband,
Snow White Headband.
A custom match to your hair color -
how is this done?

Luckily this is very simple! You can e-mail me a picture of your hair and I tell you which colors I recommend. You can check them in the color charts (left purple menu in the web shop). If you wish to, you can send me a strand of your hair in addition. According to my experiences pictures work much better, because I can see all the shades of your whole hair and not just the ones in the strand. Many of you have highlights, a shade or shimmer which slightly differs from your basic color. Some have darker roots or fairer tips. If you don't pick up these aspects in the hair fall it will look artificial. A basic rule is, the fairer the hair, the more colors you need. For dark hair 1 color can be enough but most blondes are a mix of 2-3 and sometimes even 4 colors. Some reds are a mix of 5 colors! And before I forget: You can also order color samples and check colors yourself, if you prefer that! Just as you like it!
I hope you had a wonderful time reading this. Don't hesitate to contact me in case of any questions!

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