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Now we are travelling to Paradise!

The new Paradise Combinations are finally available:

New Paradise, Black & Petrol Paradise, Paradise Dreads

Colours: All colours in a peacock feather!

Apsara Habiba is dancing with her scimitar wearing the New Paradise Combination: 1 yarn fall size M and 60 cm long, a matching set of hair flowers,
a turquoise net hip scarf and 2 hip tassel clips.

New Paradise hip & hair tassel clips worn in both ways, naturally they are decorated with a peacock feather on top each! Amazing eye-catchers with tribal style hair buns, because you have these long colourful open strands in spite of your up-do!
(above) Clip in plaits (always 2 plaits per clip), decorated with cowries and large peacock feathers and another fascinator from the Paradise Collection. Such hair jewelry is perfect for short hair as well, and by the way: The plaits are custom-made to match your hair colour! They are attached to special comb clips from wig manufacture, the same clips as on the yarn and dread clip- ins mentioned further above.
Yarn falls New Paradise with feather headpiece „Big Paradise“ - a welcome variety to hair flowers!
A little digression into the world of hair falls – number 3: hair fillers

You have already seen them in the picture with the popular tribal style buns, here again with the slightly darker Paradise hip & hair tassel clip. This is a hairdo made of two of these little helpers as well!
(picture below)
Hair fillers are 2 small hair falls which can be used for making many different hairdos. Naturally you can wear them open or as two ponytail-plaits, too! A single hair filler makes a natural 3 cm wide plaited braid. (below)

If it is made in the same colour as your own hair and you plait it together with this, it will look amazingly real. If you want a bun just wrap the plait around its own junction and secure it with hair pins. Naturally you will get 2 great astonishing buns when you attach a pair of hair fillers to your won two pigtails. (right)
But there is even more you can make of these 2 plaited hair fillers – a manifold of wonderful up-dos in plaited style, like this huge “plait-balcony”! Make it even larger with some gorgeous hair flowers or Steampunk hair clips to accessorize your outfit. (above)
Last but not least some Princess Leia (Star Wars) inspired hair buns with hair fillers! How come that they look different compared to those in picture 14? The ones in picture 14 were completely plaited before being put into 2 buns. The Leia-style  hair fillers were only been plaited for about 15-20 cm, the rest of the hair is wrapped not plaited but slightly twisted to make it more compact. This causes a different look. The curly strands come extra, they are attached to the same professional clips as the dread clip-ins in picture 5 and the plait clip-ins in picture 13.
But let us go back to Paradise!

If you prefer more decent colours but are still a fan of peacock feathers, you will probably like Black and Petrol Paradise items!
Combination Black Paradise with Paradise Dreads, size M, 60 cm long, hip scarf Black Paradise and hip & hair tassel clip Black Paradise with 5 gorgeous peacock feathers. Feel free to wear more peacock hair jewelry or brooches, even with curly feathers with this item! (right)
Bild 19
Hip & hair tassel clip Black Paradise worn as hip tassels with black net hips scarf and as hair tassels.
And another colourful Paradise Combination:
Paradise Dreads!

Picture 21: Dread falls Paradise size M, turquoise glamour hair scarf, matching glamour hip scarf, hip tassel clips Paradise Dreads with purple and turquoise cymbal flowers and naturally some cymbal flowers worn as hair jewelry as well. Here you see the new curly peacock feather fascinators once again. The matching hair falls can be seen in pictures 18 and 19, it also goes great with the hip tassels from the other Paradise combinations!

Picture 22: Hair buns with hip & hair tassels and further hair jewelry from the Paradise Collection.
(above) Fascination Northern Lights
Colours: Purple, black and dark blue

Northern Lights hip & hair tassel clips with matching hip and hair scarves in purple and black, the tassel clips are decorated with large purple orchids.
The onion skirt from the Purple Leo Glamour Combination beautifully matches accessories from the Northern Lights Collection! The skirt is called like that, because its layer principle is “stolen” from mother nature. Also available in red and brown.
And last but not least a very special piece: Norrskensdrömmar (Swedish for Dreams of Northern Lights) with black coque feathers in the flower and 8 fluffy black ostrich plumes on the tassels.

I hope you enjoyed the colours! Don't hesitate to contact me vie e-mail or telephone in case of any questions! I hope you had a great Tribal Summer and wish you a wonderful start in the upcoming Tribal Autumn! Yours
, Melanie Penners

Bazar- and trade fair sales:

Magic Tribal Hair will not sell at events any more, mostly due to lack of time.
Moreover the product range has grown that big, that I could only present a minor part
of the whole preciousness at events. This led to many disappointed faces at the
last trade fairs Magic Tribal Hair exhibited at, especially as the many fancy hairy creations were only available only on order. But this is the only way to make them
perfect to match your hair colour! I really don't want to sell you a hair fall that
only matches a little bit! I can offer you way more service online at better prices
and this is more important to me than being present at events! And last but not least
there are special offers for newsletter recipients and there is a new bargain every
month for all customers. Not to forget special actions like the summer quiz in
which 3 happy customers won a voucher of 25 €. Have fun exploring the
Magic Tribal Hair web shop!
Combination Petrol Paradise with petrol and black yarns and peacock feathers as decoration. (below)
Photos: 10-14 and 20, 23 and 25 © www.André

How do I find out which hair colour to order without dropping by? This is more simple than you expect! Just send me a good picture of yours and I will tell you the colours I would choose. You can check them in the colour charts in the online shop. Or feel free to order samples and check the colours yourself
- comfortably at home.