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Graphic design by Konstanze Winkler
Apsara Habiba
Photos: Model-pictures © André Elbing (, all others by M. Penners
MAGIC TRIBAL HAIR is being propelled by steam!
(And Apsara Habiba's fire!)

Part 1 of the new steampunk collection has just come out!
by Melanie Penners
You have surely noticed that the clip-in braids of kanekalon hair do not match the model's hair colour but are rather made of typical „steampunk colours“. And even hairfalls of kanekalon can be made in these colours which can roughly be mixed, see the hairfalls in the middle of picture 12. Another possibility is to use these colours in strands to get a stripy look´, which goes perfectly with many steampunk outfits - they are often stripy as well! Stripy hairfalls really are the icing on the cake for these outfits! „Steampunk colours“ are predominantly off black (1B), mocca (4), dark chestnut (6), fair chestnut (8), fair and dark copper (27 and 30) and brass (144). Sometimes the outfit also allows wine red and henna red or even blonde. Steampunk hairfalls can be ordered in 2 or 3 colours.
If you do not want to have a hairpiece differing totally from your own hair colour, one of these colours can be adapted to that one and two „steampunk colours“ can be added. And if your hair is already brown but fairer than the mentioned tones, you can also choose this colour instead of the dark browns.

If you are not sure about the perfect match of colours for you, do not hesitate to ask me – it's my job to provide advice!
But let us take a closer look at the just mentioned wild hair bun. Apsara Habiba, cheeky and clever as usual, shows you that you need not necessarily wear your steampunk hairfalls the plain and usual way of letting them just hang down. She has arranged most of the hair in a big and wild bun which is perfect for decorating with flowers and other hair jewelry! I recommend not to comb out these hairfalls after wearing them, only do this with the part you have worn hanging down and you will wear hanging down again. You would break way too much hair by brushing through the tangles “bun” parts, the hairfalls would really suffer from it.
Last but not least there are matching steampunk fascinators, of course! All fascinators by Magic Tribal Hair can be used for many purposes and are way more than just hair jewelry. The clips do not have any teeth and can be attached to all surfaces without damaging them. They will not pull treads from sensitive fabrics or scratch belt buckles, leather or anything else, so you can wear them in so many beautiful ways!
Apsara Habiba has even made a steampunk ring that way – it is a hair clip placed onto one of her smooth silver rings. As the clip is just clipped onto, it can be removed again and be worn on the collar, on big earrings and more, with the next outfit!

Magic Tribal Hair ONLY uses real and old/ antique clock parts and clockworks! I do NOT use imitations of cogwheels or clockworks produced for jewelry production, because I love the pure and authentic steampunk look. Other jewelry elements are used by me, of course, but mechanical elements must be real – that is my motto.
Last but not least there is not only new typical steampunk hair jewelry with cogwheels and mechanical elements, but also a huge choice of black flowers – small blossoms (about 5 cm in diameter) with a brass or silver decoration in its middle. And even some goth hair jewelry is a match for steampunk outfits.
"black flowers"
"black flowers" with brass ornaments
"black flowers" with silver ornaments
goth fascinator - also beautiful to steampunk
Goth and silver, is that really steampunk? Yes, it is. The playful “frill look” is also part of the goth scene, there are points of contact between both looks and some accessories can surely be used for both outfits. I always keep in mind that a steampunk outfit is actually not authentic in the point that it referred to and copied a certain age. It focuses on Victorian age of course, but is not a real copy as for example people try to do at renaissance fairs – I assume that there wasn't anybody running around with jewelry of cogwheels, goggles, eye patches, skeleton cameos and other steampunk accessories in the 19th century!

And what about silver? Brass, copper or bronze are metals typical for steampunk but most of us do not have jewelry made of these materials, so new steampunk jewelry is hard to combine with our present funds. Afghan tribal jewelry luckily matches quite well, because its silver has a warm tone. But we often have silver buckles on belts, silver clasps and buttons on shoes, tops and coats and therefore steamers have also started wearing silver jewelry for steampunk. Magic Tribal Hair has already offered curly peacock feather fascinators with silver elements for quite a while and soon a new steampunk silver line with real cogwheels in silver will come out. So it will remain exciting and in December there will be more “steam”.
I hope to see you again then and have fun strolling through my shop pages! If you want to look at steampunk items only you can also visit the steampunk shop “Steampunk Hair Dreams”, but you will also find all steampunk items only if you go to Magic Tribal Hair > products and choose “steampunk” under “sorted according to style”.

Best regards – your hairy fairy Melanie, also known as Magic Tribal Hair!

FAIRS and BAZARS 2011/2012

- Augsburg, Orient Magazin Festival

28.-29.10.2011 - Offenburg, 2nd Black Forest Tribalfestival

26.-27.11.2011 - Duisburg, 19th Oriental Dance Festival Europe

17.-18.03.2012 - World Of Orient Fachmesse, Hannover

The Steampunk product line of Magic Tribal Hair:
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