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Meanwhile Aepril Schaile has performed in Germany quite often (for the third time she will be at the Black Forest Tribal Festival and she was at the Oriental Dance Festival in Stuttgart for the second time this year). Everybody knows her as dancer of the Mystique and the Occult. In our last interview we had the focus on her as a dancer, this time we will read from Aepril about her way of seeing things, of her witchcraft rituals and about the things behind (her) things. Check it out and be prepared for a journey into the deepest layers of the soul ...
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First time (in 2011) you announced to spend Samhain in Germany and you did celebrate it in the woods.  What will you do this time besides performing and teaching?

Yes! It was an amazing experience to be able to celebrate that very important turn of the Wheel of the Year in the land of my ancestral heritage! To be in the Black Forest practicing Witchcraft by a fire, while also mourning the (then) recent passing of my sister, is an experience that I will not soon forget. It was a truly sacred night honoring ancestors who came before us. 

Each time I travel I see it as a new wide open adventure. We shall see where this one takes me!

Interview with Aepril Schaile

by Marcel Bieger

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Could you specify on your workshops over here, please?

I will be working with the world of archetypes as they relate to bellydance. The idea of an "archetype" is found in areas relating to behavior, psychological theory, and art. An archetype can be a statement, pattern of behavior, prototype, a collectively-inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., which appears in each generation; or a constantly recurring symbol or motif in the arts or mythology. I see that we use archetypes in dance all the time, and I am teaching these workshops to further work with, and thereby become more conscious of, this phenomenon. I am particularly interested in the ways in which these archetypes play out in their feminine forms - no matter what sex the dancer may be, I think that bellydance is arguably a feminine form of art.

I am offering the workshop "Sacred Whore" as an acknowledgement of both the mix of erotic and spiritual elements of bellydance, and the esoteric power and significance of the archetype.
Other than dancing and giving workshops you teach astrology, you are an animal rights advocate and you are a Witch. What do you do in your free time, if you have any?

Most of my time is spent with my dog, Gwyddion, in the forest here in New England. I enjoy taking photographs of the places I frequent, which I hope to print soon along with the poems that I write. I also spend time studying Magick, playing music, and watching old Film Noir, silent, and avantgarde films. I am an initiate of the Ordo Templi Orientis, and I have a community in which I participate and to which devote time. I also have an internal practice of "presence" that I try to hold as a consistent focus throughout all that I do.
What are your future plans and when will we see you again, over here?

My future plans mostly include continuing to expand my artistic practice and my self definition as an artist. I have other mediums in which I work which also require development and focus; it is my wish to be able to maintain my relationships with my dance friends and fans while simultaneously bringing other elements of my work into the mix. In the US, I have been able to find avenues for multimedia presentations of my work, growing out from the previous territory in which I existed as a performing artist. It feels good to grow and change, and I hope to continue that process in Germany!
I am looking forward to seeing you soon!
a weekend esoteric arts conference honoring, exploring and celebrating the intertwining vines which feed both Magick and Creative Art. It features workshops/lectures, art exhibition/salon, panel discussion, performances, rituals, and a Masque.
Right after I leave Germany to come back home to the US, I will be "hitting the ground running" (as we Americans say) co-directing and producing OCCULT II,
You seem to have become quite popular in Germany, meanwhile two German festivals pride themselves on posting you as their star guest. Why do you like coming to Germany?

I love Germany! I find the people that I meet in Germany to be thoughtful, warm, and welcoming. I feel that people here really "see" my work, and take it in fully, rather than merely seeking entertainment only. I appreciate that very much. I also have a very good time, and lots of good food! 
inner process of deep metamorphosis over the last 1-2 years. I have felt like a snake shedding a too small skin, or a caterpillar in a cocoon. There has been much deep transformation and I have experienced my life from a place of uncertainty and mystery. It has been a profound inner world journey, one of softening and opening;
I have felt great joy, release, freedom - even ecstasy - but also melancholy and pain. This will most likely be reflected in the work I show. 
What will you show us on stage at Black Forest Festival?

At this moment I am working on pieces that articulate my
Aepril Schaile is guest at
5th Black Forest Tribal Festival
11. - 14. September 2014