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Interview with Anasma
by Marcel Bieger
Let’s get back to the new show 1984 - 2014" for a moment, what can we expect?

“1984 … 2014” is such an exciting project and has been a true labor of love. The idea for this production has been in my head for years and finally, since this past summer after re-visiting George Orwell’s “1984”, I’ve had such a clear vision for it. Having my own original music to accompany this dance theatrical production is a dream come true.
As I mentioned, the story itself is inspired by George Orwell’s novel “1984”. There are many parallels to today’s society where privacy has eroded and interactive screens are omnipresent. It’s a totalitarian society where Big Brother is always watching … and we have chosen to be watched. I’m totally part of this system as I use social media and technology such as, Facebook, Twitter, my iPhone, etc. Citizens are told what to think and believe. We get lost between our purest values and the inversion of values. In ‘1984’, the Party destroys words to prohibit people from thinking or believing in something else other than what has been established as the existing/remaining Rule. A “Rule” means a certain definition AND it’s contrary at the same time. We lose notion of what is right or wrong. So the show is very much about the inversion/the loss/ the recovery of values.

Much like today, Citizens of “1984 … 2014” are distracted from the real issues with the use of propaganda. Massimo Capuano and Chiara Meloni of Compagnia Degli Gnomi, portray Winston and Julia, two lovers who rebel against the Party of Big Brother. The Love Army also makes an appearance in the production, as the Army of Rebels, defending values of Hope.

With the rise of technology and big government and corporations, we could find ourselves repeating some of the same mistakes of the past. Even though we’re addressing serious issues within this dystopian society, I wanted to be sure we incorporated humor, hope and inspiration in the story line. I believe the role of ART is to make us reflect on a topic with a different perspective, to see it from a different angle. But even though it can be hard to look at the darkness of reality, ART and artists to me have a mission of making people dream, feel better, get inspired.

A few months ago in NYC, I went to see “Sleep No More” inspired by “Macbeth”. The staging and production was absolutely fabulous, unique and visionary. The actors engaged with the audience to a degree. It is ‘interactive’ in a way, which is something I would love to incorporate into a future show. I started this a few years ago, but this is a future project yet to be fully developed. In this production of “Sleep No More”, I witnessed very unhealthy relationships of all kinds including murders, suicide, orgies, and worse, a Satanic rite with the sacrifice of a baby to Baphomet, the Goat headed naked man who was absolutely naked on stage … and, there was NO SPACE for hope, for light in all that darkness.

The show revealed voyeurism and dark sides within myself, and to all audience members as we continued to follow the actors, running and stopping in the rooms, and watch, taking no action like walking out, having enough of it all. I think as humans, we defaulted to our defense mechanism by telling ourselves, “It’s just as show.” It’s similar to when we watch the news or violent movies and television.

This was the most difficult thing for me to accept in that show: I accepted being “visually and emotionally raped”. I chose to stay. I chose the darkness and watched in silence. Leaving the theatre, I was so angry with myself that I didn’t walk out earlier and was amazed so many in the audience considered SUCH violence to be something so … normal! We’re so desensitized as a society! I promised myself that in MY show, my visions, if I talk about the Devil, about the dark world we live in, about the darkness within me, I still want to provide a space for hope, inspiration, dreams, love, joy, beauty. Yes, we need to accept the dark as much as the light and not just fall into one side or the other. There has to be a balance. I don’t want to only focus on the Darkness. Watching “Sleep No More” was traveling through HELL for three hours.

So, back to “1984 … 2014”. The Little Devil now has a political Mission and purpose. He is revealing who is behind the governments, identifying those who possess power in our world today, International Finance.

The show will feature songs, lyrics and instrumental versions from my new album “Chance is Back” and I went back in the studio to work with Blastermind on new musical elements, which will also be presented in the 60 minute production.
All of my solos you have seen in the past now own their own music and if I produce a DVD out of those performances, I own the music rights..

It was also very cool to be in the lyrics writing process again and return behind the microphone with my technical progress. Much satisfaction to sing again, more new songs.

The production will include a combination of physical theatre, belly dance, pantomime, hip hop, modern dance, jazz and other styles.

I’m really grateful to see this vision come to life on stage! The performing artists - Massimo Capuano and Chiara Meloni and the Love Army Dancers, along with the production team have been instrumental in helping me realize this vision! They’re all so talented and such professionals! It’s been a privilege to work with them on this project. I also want to recognize some incredible people who have been working with me behind the scenes including Jenny Nichols of World Belly Dance Alliance and Raqsie, who I worked with on the New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference in 2010-2011. They’ve both been helping with the wording and promotional work for the show. The video projection work for the show was edited by the super talented Lea Amiel and Nicolas Libersalle, amazing filmmakers, who also produced my first music video, “Ocean Elevation”. I feel so blessed to have such support in bringing this vision to life!

I’m also preparing to launch a Kickstarter for this project. Creating these stage productions can be expensive. The artists and production staff need to be properly compensated and the pre-production and post-production expenses add up quickly! I’m hoping there will be enough support from people who believe in this vision to reach our funding goal! We welcome and appreciate all levels of support.

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The show is a tribute to Charlie Chaplin, considered to be a maverick and critic of his time, and to Michael Jackson, the Soldier of Love. I wanted to create a story which reflected upon the beauty of the past using elements from the silent films, older values and past series to help us find the beauty in today’s world.
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