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Interview mit Anasma
by Marcel Bieger
You are a world famous dancer, what could seduce an artist like you to start singing and make your own CD? Will you start a second career or will singing and dancing go along hand in hand?

That’s a great question. I’ve always loved singing even as a child. I can remember getting singing in front of my class- mates when I was twelve. I was so nervous about losing my breath or voice, I convinced myself singing wasn’t for me and focused all of my time and energy into dance and theatre (and Business management down the line).

I remember that moment so distinctly. It was a turning point in my artistic development, but the singer never left. She was still inside waiting for her voice to return.

Several factors influenced my decision to sing and produce an album of original music. It was a “seduction” of sorts. My love of music and singing was a big part of it, but I also wanted the ability to use my own music for future productions, DVDs and other performances. My initial idea was to hire a group of musicians to create instrumental World fusion music I could use for this purpose, but before I knew it, I was writing and recording the song with the incredibly talented, musical producer/composer/sound engineer/singer, Omar Blastermind. I met him through my husband, my eternal supporter! I am so thankful to have found an artist who really understood the vibe and type of music I wanted to create. The whole process of recording the album exceeded my wildest dreams. We worked really well together and managed to get thirteen songs recorded in fifteen days! I would write the songs as prose, similar to writing a poem. My songs were inspired by characters and archetypes I’ve been exploring through my dance for years and also, the learnings of life. My Dad’s voice is very present in my songs. Blastermind then worked with me to create the music, I then adapted my lyrics to the number of “feet” in the melody. It was truly a collaborative approach. It was a scary, exciting and new experience for me.

I still consider myself a baby singer in the early stages of her journey … and now a little less of a baby than when I first recorded the album, which was two years ago. I’ve gained some confidence, trusting my capacities more and things have developed a lot vocally … but yes I am still a bit afraid of the stage … as a singer! For instance, yesterday evening, I was singing in a concert organized by my teacher with a welcoming audience full of good intentions … Well, I was on the verge of breaking down, crying with my 12 year old Anasma. I managed to face my fears, with two guardian angels looking after me. I calmed down and finally, once I was in front of the microphone, I was on track and focused. I ended up having a great performance and enjoyed myself! When I dance, I don’t even have to think about all this. It’s second nature, I just do it …

What plans do you have for the future?

REST! I need to sleep more and change some of my own ways.  Realizing one’s dreams takes a lot of work and love. I need to recharge my batteries and spend time with my husband.

I’m really focused on promoting the new album, so I’ll continue to promote it. Who knows? There might even be a new music video for another single. “Ocean Elevation” was the first song we released and filming the music video was a fantastic experience. Check it out onYou Tube or on my website. I’d love to be able to do another one.

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The music video to "Ocean Elevation"
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Anasma during the video shooting to "Ocean Elevation", Hawaii
The new CD: Anasma - "Chance is back"
Like acting and dance, I treat singing as a discipline where consistent practice and rehearsals are necessary. This past week, I received the most amazing feedback from my singing and vocal teachers. My first coach said when she first began working with me two years ago, I was a dancer who wanted to sing and now, I am a singer, as well! We both shared a few tears! It was such an accomplishment and I know there’s more for me to learn. My second coach said I’m a fast learner, very smart, but there’s room for improvement. I tend to deprive myself of sleep, which is ok for me as a dancer/producer/director, but not as a singer. The voice needs rest. My early thirties requires a little more rest and the future mom (someday) in me needs rest. There is no secret, resting is the key. I need to allow myself to be a Singer, because in the bottom of my heart, I am still scared of this.
I also enjoy blending the different art forms such as dance, singing and theatrics to create compelling stories in my performances. I’m not sure singing is a second career so much as it is the next step in my evolution as a performing artist. It’s an expansion of my expression.
I’m really happy to incorporate singing into my performances! Who knows? There may be one day, when I’m older where I can’t use my body as much, and I’ll sing full time. Maybe my voice may be too as tired as my body by then … What I can tell for now is that the doors are wide open. Currently, dance and singing go together in my vision, even though I’m still working on making them work well together technically, a big, big challenge!
I’m also ready to challenge myself by going to more auditions, singing and dancing in large productions, with other professional troupes, and apply to festivals with “1984 … 2014”.

I’ll continue to teach dance and develop my long term school project. Our “Anasma World Citizen Dance School” and “Linda Faoro’s Traveling Dance School” are doing really well in Paris and internationally. So we will keep developing this. We’re taking it one step at a time.

I’m also reflecting upon how to keep a foot in our Oriental community as I keep exploring other realms and meet different audiences.

Beyond this, I’m keeping an open heart and mind, trusting in myself, while also trying to balance my personal life with my professional aspirations. It’s an exciting adventure and I feel like I’m just at the beginning!