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by Marcel Bieger

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You have settled in New York City but still have connections to Paris.

As I mentioned, my fiancé, many of my friends, my mother and sister are in France. I spent the first twenty years of my life in Paris. French is my native language. Many of my childhood and College friends are there even though I also have met amazing friends and ‘brothers and sisters of the heart” in the US. My Vietnamese family actually lives in the US and my Tunisian family in Tunisia.

I love Paris’s architecture and beauty. I love the food (in Europe in general actually)…
Do you still work with Bellyqueen?

I moved to New York with the dream of becoming a better dancer, a professional dancer, working with an international Bellydance company and touring with them back to Europe. This dream, I have realized it with Bellyqueen. And am grateful for my experience with them, techniques I have learned, wonderful friends I have made amongst the dancers.  I grew a lot through exchange with each dancer in the company, intense rehearsals, touring, and also administrating a part of the activities for a period of time. I no longer work with Bellyqueen because of my own intense travelling schedule and change in vision, but we are in good terms and I still have plenty of great memories to remember.  Actually, Kaeshi Chai and Elisheva from Bellyqueen will be teaching at the Theatrical Bellydance Conference .

Now I train on my own, take a lot of different classes each week and have not really decreased the time allocated to my dancing even though I spend less time in group rehearsals… expect when I am in “rush project hour” mode and have to do a lot of computer, administrative  and management work for my own career and projects. But everything that I do (even computer work, video editing etc) is related to dance. I feel grateful I can dedicate myself fully to my passion and know why I wake up in the morning. And meeting my fiancé actually brings back a balance in my self –applied intense dance schedule and mind frame. I am reminded of other pleasures in life that are absolutely essential to feed my creativity and give richness, diversity and fullness to my daily life.
Who creates your beautiful costumes? And what happens from the first idea to ready to wear?

Sandralis Gines (, my “Portorican sister”, has created most of my costumes. I often do the first design on paper and we change together the pattern according to what is realizable or not. Sandralis is fantastic and gifted. She really commits as much as I do to the character I will be embodying, plus knows what will flatter my body and complements the type of dance moves I am doing. The “Other Prince Charming” and the “Little Devil” are adaptations of my paper design. The “Water “costume (featured on the “Wave Explosion!”DVD ) she has created it from A to Z with my measurements. For the “Hip Hop Bellydance Liquid fusion”DVD she made the pants and my mom made the top and skirt. I also collaborated with Totally Creative NY ( to make the cover costume of the second instructional DVD for the beautiful peacock costume.

What activities do you still follow in France?

In France, I teach workshops , private classes , either for my solo week-end (or with a featured guest sometimes – I teamed up with Linda Faoro last winter), or as part of festivals (Bellyfusions Festival). There are many artist I want to and am teaming up with already when I perform. I work with Souraya Baghdadi, Hella Vuong (my beloved younger sister!, who is a beautiful talented dancer and medicine student!),  Assia Guemra, Linda Faoro and Les Muses, Maela … I want to create more pieces with my former Hip Hop dance partner Joyce…

And once, I start basing my projects more from Paris than from NYC (I am currently figuring out the terms and best strategy with lawyers and accountants), I will have other more ‘sedentary’ long term projects, a school or a company or a show as I mentioned… For now, Paris still feels like home, (and NYC too in a different way), it the European base for my travelling, it is my time with close family and the Love of my life!
Be the lucky one, just a few tickets left!
Anasma can be seen live in Hannover/Germany from
Okt. 15th to 17th at
Asmahan El Zein's. There will be some exciting workshops and Anasma will dance together with other guest dancers at the popular syrian restaurant Al'Dar.
Dance- and Dinner Show takes place on Sat., Okt. 16th, 2010.

There are still some places available for the show, for seat reservations please contact the restaurant Al'Dar directly. A few last minute tickets for some of Anasma's workshops are also avalable.
More Informations here: Event flyer.pdf or
Anasma with Bellyqueen
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