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Can you imagine that in one of the most important tribal places in Germany, the Rhineland, there is no modern and timely appropriate tribal festival with international artists? Anita Blake is doing her best to fill this gap. She runs her own dance studio – “Lamia Dance Company” – and at her “Zaghareet” festival artists form East and West Europe come together. Last year she started this with a in many ways peculiar hafla, and this year it will be a full fledged festival. Not enough with all that lat year Anita made her “Teachers Training” at the FCBD®studio. She is not only prepared to teach ATS® now she also became “Sister Studio”. Can you imagine one woman being that ambitious in the best sense of the word …


Interview with Anita Blake

by Marcel Bieger

How is everything progressing with the second issue of “Zaghareet” festival?

The festival preparations are going very well. We have the venue booked, we have dancers (and still more are coming), the registration is open, and tickets are in presale. We will come together at

Bürger- und Kulturzentrum Freizeitstätte Garath,
Fritz-Erler-Str. 21,

40595 Düsseldorf Garath.

This is a line up to remember, congratulations!

Yes, I’m very proud of it and it helps me with my great aims to bring East and West together and to become a festival for the young and talented, as we are a rather young festival. And call for artists hasn’t been called off yet, the more the merrier. If you are a dancer and would like to perform at my festival, please send me a mail.

This looks like a big show.

It has to be to give everybody a chance to perform. It will take place in a concert hall and there will be a bazaar, although with not to much space for them because of the location. The audience will have about 200 seats.

What workshops will you have?

Teachers will be Manca Pavli, Maria Fomina and me. They can be ordered now. We have different packages as well, some bargains are waiting for you.

Please check out my website:

There you will find also photos of the workshop rooms, hotels in the near and other things that might interest you.
Saturday, May 25th
Anita Blake: Classic ATS®. Secrets of group improvisation.
Maria Fomina: Use the arms & hands!
Manca Pavli: The silky Upgrade for the Tribal dancer

Sunday, May 26th
Anita Blake: Modern ATS® combinations. Creating a poetry (new moves)
Maria Fomina: Silk & spear
Manca Pavli: Hit it! – A Belly dancer’s guide to pop, lock and drop!
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Photos with kindly permission of Anita Blake
Anita Blake
Manca Pavli (SLO)
Maria Fomina (UKR)
Shir o Shakar
Ras El Hanout
Nadira Swelsen (NL)
Giuliana Angelini (IT/DE)
Inga Petermann
Lamia Dance Company
Aveyanda Skye (NL)
Masha (UKR)
Anita Blake
Cristina Zegarra
Please tell us about the stars that will perform.

Our super star will be Manca Pavli from Slovenia, she is well known in all Europe and one of my master teachers. We are very good friends and I love her very much. Also there will be Maria Fomina from the Ukraine, a very famous promoter in my home land and a very good dancer, who has performed at many places in East and West. Also from the Ukraine, but like me living in Germany today is Masha, who is a member of Eliana’s group “Liquid Lemon”.

From the Netherlands we will have Tribal Star Aveyanda Skye and young dancer Nadira Swelsen. Last not least the German dancers, there will be super group “Shir o Shakar”, and we will have two new groups, which are very talented, so I invited them on the spot – I’m speaking of “Ras el Hanout” and “Mandara”, please check them out.

Of course, the so called “Young Wild Ones” will perform, the new generation of German Tribal Fusion dancers, who have all won prizes in Germany and danced abroad – watch out for Guiliana Angelini, Cristina Zegarra and Inga Petermann. Also you can see Sway and a certain Anita Blake as well as her Lamia Dance Company.

I would have liked to have more artists from my home, the Ukraine, but it is always difficult for them with the visa. The Ukraine is not a member of the European Union nor in the Euro zone and so on. Non members of the EU have no right to work in the EU, the EU authorities will not give them visa, especially to women, who aren’t married, for obvious reasons as they think. Unmarried women from the Ukraine will in all probability never get a visa.