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We don’t know yet what's awaiting us, but at least we had the opportunity to get in contact with the players/dancers. Here are there answers to our questions, and from today on you can read them in “hagalla”. Let’s start with Sharon Kihara.
Which role do you play and dance in the show?   

I portray the Oracle.

Have you ever before in your career been confronted with different cultural settings like in this case the Greek, and how did you prepare yourself for it? 

Actually, the only real studies I've made in Greek mythology took place when I was in grade 5 - but it was almost a year of immersion in it, so the goddesses, gods and muses of all sorts were pretty familiar. The unique part of this show is that there is cultural crossover between Greek, Norse and other Pantheons - it's an original work of archetypal fiction, so the story can take the liberty of being a bit different.

In preparing for my character, I went back to my own personal studies and practice of divination - tarot, rune reading, scrying - and as part of the process, was able to reconnect with parts of me that were in love with the divine arts in the past.  I wanted my piece to be a ritual, and not just a choreography; it was lovely to have the freedom to integrate spirituality, theatricality and dance.

Sharon Kihara

What was your first reaction when you got notice that you were engaged for the show?

I was totally delighted that Jillina invited me to participate!  I love working with her, and grew quite attached to her in our many years dancing and choreographing for the BDSS.  When I heard about BDE I asked her to consider me next time a role came available, and she contacted me soon after.  It's just such a treat to be working with good friends, especially after touring as a soloist for over a year; and I am enjoying the level of the talent in this show - the cast, the musicians, the insane Georgian dancers, and most impressive, the competition winners - we are accessing talent that we might never have found out about in any other way, and this is a revelation.  In NYC last week I was blown away by the energy, commitment level, and sheer talent of the guest dancers- in one week, what they accomplished, wow.  It was full-on, full-out, 100 % of the time.  

Thanks Marcel!  See you in Hanover!

Hanover, March 12, 2010

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Budapest, March 14, 2010

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It started in the USA and now it’s coming to Germany, more precisely, Hanover, in the context of “World of Orient”, the show “Belly Dance Evolution” directed by the famous American dancer Jillina. She assembled some dancers und performs with them a mixture of dance and theatre. The players have names of the Greek mythology, but we are not about to watch an antique tragedy. This show is unique to everything what you ever saw in the department of dance theatre, the US media have given enthusiastic critics and now it’s our turn to take a good look at Belly Dance Evolution. Not many German promoters have the daring and the possibilities to present such a show in Germany. Asmahan el Zein without doubt has what it takes to untertake such a feat.

by Marcel Bieger