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In Japan, do they have bellydance and tribal? Actually they do, you bet. Nobody proves this more impressing than Camew and Tida, who came to Tribal Festival Hanover this year and won first and second places in the prestigious contest “Tribal Star”. Online magazine "Hagalla" donates several prizes for this contest and one of them is an interview with the contest winner. Read below, what Camew has to say about herself and the Japanese tribal community.

        Since Camew speaks only very little English we needed the help of an interpreter and found her with Asuka Hirai, a Japanese dancer, who lives in Düsseldorf, Germany. We thank her very much and owe her for her wonderful work.

Interview with the Japanese dancer Camew

by Marcel Bieger, English by Asuka Hirai
graphics by Konstanze Winkler

What teachers did you have and what did it take to find your own superb style (and how would you describe your own style)?

I learned a lot from a choreographer - JJ Rohita. We met each other at an ATS class as students and grew up together. When Rachel Brice came to Japan, she recommended me with various nice dance studios in San Francisco. Lessons and experience that I got in San Francisco is also connected to who I am now.

About Camew’s style, it is hard to explain because I myself are still pursuing my style. In this competition (Tribal Festival Hanover, 2013), the theme of my performance was super slow tribal. I tried to stick to how to appeal to audience’s eye with tribal movements as simple as possible.

If you are working on a new piece, how do you proceed? What comes first, a song, a certain move or even some prop?

It depends on cases but mostly, I decide the overall image and theme first, and then pick up music and costume. Then I create movements and choreography according to meet it.

Is there something like a tribal community in Japan, how would you describe it and do you see yourself as part of it?

We have a small tribal community. However, it is far from big yet. Since I belonged to a group or tribe which was called “Sarashukura” until last year, I just started dancing

solo this year.

I don’t belong to anywhere now. I actually don’t really care about my role and position in the community but just do anything by my own pace. I believe it's all up to how my surroundings think about me.

You were a tremendous success at Tribal Festival Hanover, Germany,
is this the "normal thing" for you when you are abroad, where have
you been already?

I don't have much experience with going and performing overseas.
I participated in some tribal festivals in U.S. with my group members.
I have had my solo performance several times in S.F. and retreats in Costa Rica
and Hawaii

What will be your plans for the next future - and do they include (hopefully) another trip to Germany?

I would like to perform more all over the world. And of course, I would like to come back to Germany in the near future!
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