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And then there she was, a dancer from the South-East Indian republic of Singapore (sited between Malaysia and Indonesia), attending at Leyla Jouvana’s and Roland’s „Oriental Festival of Europe“*, joining the contest „Bellydancer of the World“ and
made 2nd place in the prestigious category „Raqs Sharqi“ and 3rd place in „Bollywood“.

Interview with Crystina Wang

- by Marcel Bieger

We had never before heard of her (or for that case of any other dancer from Singapore) and of course, we wanted to get to know more from her. This is our interview with Miss Crystina Wang, whom we would love to see again this year at Leyla’s!
Is it natural for a girl from Singapore to stick to belly dance? You must have had other options (and you did study traditional Chinese dance and ballet). How did belly dance find you and why can't you come free of it?

Belly dance is still new in Singapore, most of the young generation stick to hip hop, jazz, latin, and salsa, but as belly dance is more feminine and healthy for dancers more and more ladies want to try belly dance instead.

I was exposed to belly dance through my middle eastern friends in China and immediately was attracted by the beauty of its ways to express the inner feelings and its totally different and more enjoyable dance.
What are your favourites in belly dance, which styles do you prefer over others?

I really like about belly dance how it shows a dancer’s real feelings about music and art, also it has very special techniques, and expressions, and inner feelings; it make dancers to artists, who bring the beauty to the audience. I prefer Eyptian style more, because it shows more inner feelings and is closer to the music, but not too much just right for belly dance.
How would you describe your very own Crystina Wang style?

My style is feminine graceful and energetic. I’m more graceful and elegant while I’m doing belly dance. I hope the audience can feel the beauty with me through my belly dance. But Bollywood I love, too, because there I can be more energetic and cheerful and use more my face expressions. I want the audience to feel the joyfulness with me and at the same time I’m trying to tell a story instead of just dancing.
Tell us a little bit more about the reception of belly dance in Singapore and in SE-Asia in general (please excuse our ignorance).

Compared to European countries, belly dance in Singapore is still very new, like my dance company, the “Desert Roses Bellydance Singapore”, it was founded only 5 years ago and we still have long way to go to make it better.
After your wonderful performance in Germany last December will we see you again in Germany? What other plans for the future do you have?

Yes, I would love to come back to Germany to learn more from all the masters again if that would be possible. My future plans … I will keep going on to teach belly dance and bollywood classes, doing TV our show, develop our company to make it better, and to explore more of the world, to learn more styles and hope to see me on the international stages.

Thanks for this interview.

Photo (l.): The winners at Leyla Jouvana's
contest "Bellydancer of the World 2013"
(left to right):
1. Place: Jennifer Ordonez (USA)
and Romy Mimus (D),
2. Place: Crystina Wang (SGP)
and Gyongyi (H),
3. Place: Chloé Schwartz (F)
and Martina Tellini (I),
4. Place: Lea Grujic (SLO),
5. Place: Yaelle Zamani (F)
Crystina Wang on facebook:
Graphics/WebDesign: Konstanze Winkler
Photos © Konstanze Winkler
You are also specialised in Bollywood? How did this happen, it is not very common that belly dancers are also Bollywood artists. Are you familiar with the traditional Indian dances, too?

Yes, I love bollywood; if I describe belly dance to show more the inner feelings bollywood is more open and cheerful. I have taken a few years of self study on both classical Indian dance and bollywood and in 2013 I was invited to train the contestants of Miss Singapore Indian 2013 and choreographed a dance for them. In 2014 I was also invited to have a show in Singapore Indian Channel for a bollywood show.
*Leyla Jouvana's and Roland's "22nd Oriental Dance Festival of Europe", Nov. 21st - Dec. 1st 2014 in Duisburg: