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The European Tour of
„DJAM Under Jebon“
by Marcel Bieger
Susan: This is a good question for me as I used to live in NYC and then moved out to California before I found my self living in CroatiaI personally cannot find any other place in the world I like to perform more than NYC, and especially while working with Kaeshi and the guys from Beatbox Guitar including Brad of course.  Living in NY is another story for me, as the pace of life is very fast and hard.  It is certainly one of my favorite places to visit and I love when I get to go back there. 

What kind of difference does it make  to live and perform at the East Coast compared to the West coast?

Brad: We haven't done many shows on the West Coast so it's difficult to compare the two. Djinn and Kaeshi did a short West Coast tour a couple of years ago that was very exciting but it was only a handful of shows compared to the 150+ performances we've done at Je’Bon.

We have met some phenomenal West Coast dancers but we didn't see any regular shows with a similar format to Djam Under Jebon. Eventually we'd love to take the Jebon back to the West Coast for another tour. Once that happens maybe we can give you a better comparison!

The feeling of being on the West Coast was something different.  It was more competitive and stressful for me, the opposite of working with Kaeshi and Bellyqueen.  I really adore many of the dancers from the San Francisco Bay Area, and feel very lucky to have been able to work with many of them, but I never felt at home there even though I was well received.

DJINN with Susan Frankovich (YouTube Video)
Susan Frankovich Promo
(YouTube Video)
Have you ever before been to Europe - as Djam - especially to Germany?

Tour plan:

Aug. 27th and 28th, Augsburg,
Aug. 27th Show "DJAM Under Jebon", Aug. 28th Workshops
(Homepage is under construction)

Aug. 27th - 29th, Offenbach:
Aug. 27th Party “Tribal Passion”, Aug. 28th Show “Djam Under Jebon”,
Aug. 29th Workshops, all at “Orient Academy”,

Aug. 30th and 31th , Prague, Czech. Republik
first day Workshops, second day Show, Studio Eglal, (Homepage is also in Englisch)

 Sept. 1st und 2nd, Hamburg,
Show/WS,  Registration: or

Sept. 4th und 5th, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
no Show or Party, just Workshops with Kaeshi, Susan Frankovich
and Irina Akulenko (also Bellyqueen)

Susan: This is a first. All I can really tell you, is that I love dancing with them and that it feels good every time and there is always something new and different about it. Thank you, and we look forward to meeting you too!
Brad: The DJAM Under Jebon has inspired a regular show in Shanghai* but this will be the first time we've taken the Djam show to Europe. We're thrilled to share our show with European audiences. We're looking forward to sharing Djam Across Europe almost as much as we look forward to seeing what the European dance and music community has to share with us. For us the show has always been about the exchange of creative ideas
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I was recently there and got to perform with Djinn and BBG at Je'Bon, and I had a great time.  The atmosphere is so supportive and friendly not intimidating at all which makes it a great place to relax and just dance.  When it comes down to it, I really like the NYC community because of that support and non judgement, which I think Kaeshi has had a very big part in cultivating with P.U.R.E. ( and her positive and open attitude towards dance and community.  Kaeshi is a good friend and I really admire her and all the work she has done to elevate belly dance and create these positive environments for her students and other dancers whether she is working with them or not. Now as far as living goes, I really prefer the West Coast because of the climate, and the nature, and the slower pace of living, and it is close to my family.  I am not saying that you don't have to work hard to live there, as California is also expensive, but still it's a bit slower than NYC living.  When it comes to dancing there, I was lucky enough to be invited to work with some great dance artists in the Barbary Coast Shakedown project (including Frédérique, Mira Betz, Elizabeth Strong, Jill Parker, Rose Harden, and Sarah White from Ultra Gypsy), and I really loved the work that we did, it is still some of my favorite work ever. (or

Kaeshi: By the way, when we took the Djam tour to the West Coast in 2009, we teamed up with Unmata in Sacramento, CA and Alexandra King in Santa Barbara, CA.
*Estelle Shao, who runs the bellydance party in Shanghai has discovered the Djam format is a really great way to build community between the different schools. When it was introduced, it was immediately successful with local dancers and musicians flocking to the event to perform and practice in a supportive environment. The monthly/bi weekly Shanghai bellydance party that has been inspired by Djam Under Jebon is run by the Isis Club...