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Fotos (c) Dud Muurmand, if not marked otherwise
The Devil Flower - performance in Berlin 2002

Please tell us about your experiences in Germany.

I was introduced to the German dance stage in 2002, where “Bazar Oriental” in Berlin invited me to come and teach and perform at their festival. I was actually pregnant with my second child at that time – but I must have done a good job, because I was invited back in 2004 to do a full Matinee show together with my troupe “Gypsy Mystique Dancer”.

Then I started to visit Hanover and the World-of-Orient and especially Asmahan has been a great organizer and a great help in introducing me to German dancers. I have taught Gypsy dance at both the World-of-Orient and now also the Tribal Treffen.

Linda who has been a troupe member of Gypsy Mystique Dancers for many years, also developed a keen interest on the tribal style dance and both she and I have visited Germany to do workshops a couple of times now – and it is nice to be greeted by so many people here who recognizes us when we come!
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How about the bellydance situation in Denmark (of which we know next to nothing).

The community of Danish oriental dancers is not that overwhelmingly big, Somehow it seems like the numbers of dancers have not increased very much over the years – We have some very good and dedicated teachers who work hard on the dance, but surprisingly enough – and I think this is a little sad – the interest for the new tribal styles have not really picked up in Denmark as fast it has done everywhere else in Europe….but something is cooking now. And this is also one of the

So we decided that it would make more sense to split the two dance styles into two different groups .. and then GaiaGaia was born!

So in short :
Gypsy Mystique Dancers = gypsy fusion dance theater
GaiaGaia = tribal fusion dance theater

But I am always on the go - and I need some space/time to focus on some new dance projects and develop my solo dancing so I have decided to put both troupes on hold / break for a while – but I promise you, both groups will rise from the dust again in the future, probably with more & new dancers.

Gypsy Mystique
Gaia Gaia
Gypsy Mystique - Tribal Camp 2006

We have also done theater projects with fusion dance – and of course it is our intention to spark off more interest for the Tribal Style dances into the Danish dancers. To do this we hope to be able to corporate more with dancers/associations from Norway/Sweden/Germany to establish a nourishing tribal environment with more workshops and show offers.

We also hope to develop a more elaborate webpage on

My own webpage is at

and the latest
for Dud:

Tribe of Gaia

This new tribe did their first performance in september 2009

Please tell us more about "Gypsy Mystique" and "Gaia Gaia".

“Gypsy Mystique Dancers” I established in 2003 – the troupe was my artistic playground, a place where I could work with new ideas, fusion and dramatized dancing in a group. The members of the group have changed over the years, for instance – Linda joined the group in 2005, just in time for her to join in on some of the dances we did on the DVD-production “Dud Muurmand & Gypsy Mystique Dancers”, which was fantastic.

The repertoire of Gypsy Mystique Dancers have ranged from Gypsy, Tribal style to oriental fusion – but in later years we did more gypsy style  … and the tribal dancing was more something Linda and I worked with on the side.

reasons why I like to just come and visit the German festivals  - because the tribal style/fusion interest is much more developed here. The German festivals also host some very interesting teachers like Ariellah, Sharon Kihara, Rachel Brice – teachers that we don’t see so often in Denmark.
Gypsy Mystique, Foto: Johanna Parviainen

Please inform us about ""

“” is actually an independent association established in 2004 by myself together with a group of Danish tribal/gypsy dancers with the purpose of spreading the good word on fusion dance styles like ATS, Tribal Fusion, Gypsy Dance, Afro-fusion, Gothic Tribal etc.

Since 2004 we have organized 2 small gypsy-tribal festivals in Copenhagen: “Tribal Camp 2005” (with focus on Gypsy Style dance),  and then: “Tribal Camp 2006”, where we invited the ATS-group Tribal Empire from Sweden and Tribaala from Germany, to help us introduce the tribal style dance to the Danish dance community.