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Graphic Design: Konstanze Winkler

Interview with Dud Muurmand

by Marcel Bieger

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In July a new summer academy is starting in Copenhagen, please tell us more about the
"Tribal CPH 2012"

“Tribal CPH 2012” is our summer intensive for all levels tribal & gypsy style dancers, meaning that all classes during the weekend is programmed with 3 teachers in the room – myself plus my two assistants Lisa & Louise.

Yes, that means all classes will have both beginners, intermediate, advanced and professionals dancing at the same time. “How is that possible?”, well it is possible with the right programming - and it is also quite rewarding for both the new dancers as well as the more experienced ones to dance together. Also, you know - with Tribal Style you have a natural group-related energy that very easily can embrace many levels.

I have based the teaching program on my earlier experience teaching large social summer schools where the general idea also is to embrace all levels at the same time – giving a special together-feeling for everyone, not focusing on competition but on mutual inspiration. For some drills we will split people into groups depending on their level and with 3 teachers we can even offer to make small separate coaching.

This year is second time around and we are right now in the middle of the last preparations before we can welcome a large group of both Danish as well as Swedish and Norwegian dancers in Copenhagen plus a special guest from the UK!

Most of the dancers have signed up for the entire weekend, but we also have a few who will just come to do a single day or a single class.

In short, the program starts Friday July 20 with basic technique/warm-up drills in both ATS® and Gypsy Fusion and in the evening we will have a relaxed lecturer on the “history” of Tribal.

At this moment we are still in the process of receiving applications from dancers so we have not finished the line-up --- but I will mention one very special guest dancers for this evening:

As you know, DARKSTAR was one of the winners in the “Tribalstar” competition at the Tribal Festival Hanover and she has very kindly accepted our prize of a full weekend at Tribal CPH 2012. We are indeed very happy to present her here in Copenhagen and to share this weekend with her.The Hafla will of course be open to the public  - so guests can come and have a party with us.

People from abroad are welcome to this event, you are already working on a mega community including all Scandinavian tribal dancers.

Absolutely – this is not exclusively for Danish dancers ... or for that matter only for Scandinavian dancers. We will be very happy to see more European dance sisters here in Copenhagen. I can mention that we teach all workshops in English, as we have many nationalities gathered. And we still have a few more spaces left for the weekend – if anyone is interested.

with 9 dancers all together. I am the artistic leader of the group, but also have Lisa Bugel and Louise Hechmann (Tribe of Gaia) as my assistant trainers on this troupe.

With our troupe work in Tribe of Gaia, which is just the 3 of us, we have been pursuing artistic ground in both ATS®, Tribal Fusion and Gypsy Fusion – but we thought it was time to make a larger impact on different Danish cultural events to make Tribal Style belly dance more visible and known to general public and we also saw an upcoming group of new tribal dancers among our students that needed a place for more ambitious training.

by a bridge and a train trip of 30 minutes, we are very happy to have very close collaborations with our Swedish dance sisters there and the Tribaldance Skåne-organisation.

Sakura Tribal Troupe will perform at the Copenhagen Habour Festival + in Tivoli Garden as well this summer. We have not yet planned any big trips abroad with this group – well, except to Sweden of course – but since we are Vikings you never know when we drop by in Germany in the future (laughs spine chilling).

Yours cordially,

Dud Muurmand, Tribaldance Denmark

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Saturday July 21, we continue with a bit more advanced technique for Tribal Fusion + Formation drillings for ATS + a special drum/zils class where we have invited Marianne Mogensen as guest teacher on drums together with me on zils. This class is usually very popular and will lead up to our big tribal jam in the evening at the Hafla. With the tribal jam every ws-participant is given the opportunity to both play drums and dance improv ATS® to live music – quite an extraordinairy experience.
AND – of course:
At the Hafla we will also present some quite fantastic tribal performers. We have 3 tribes present this weekend: Tribe of Gaia (of course) + Sakura Tribal Troupe (DK/SE) + Carnelian Tribal (SE) + many more solo dancers as well.
Sunday, July 22 – the last day of the weekend we will get all creative with both ATS® new school moves + a special class with gypsy fusion expression and drama to round everything up. The detailed program can be checked here:
What will come after Tribal CPH 2012, what are your future plans?

Our next big event will be “TRIBAL CAFÉ VIII – special edition” on November 24-25, 2012. – And the “special” thing is that we will have SAMANTHA EMANUEL coming to Copenhagen for the first time to teach and perform.

We are very much looking forward to this weekend and are right now working on the last details so we can publish the program and open up for registrations.

This will be released on our webpage before end of July (and in “Hagalla”) – and I must say we have already had an extensive interest in this event and Sam’s workshops.

We have something special cooking concerning the Tribal Café-show on November 24, but it will also be possible for workshop participants to apply for a performance spot at the show as well.

"Sakura Tribal Group", what are they doing, why ATS®, and most important of all, when will we see them in Germany?

SAKURA TRIBAL TROUPE is an all new ATS® dance troupe, just established this spring 2012

We decided to make this group solely an ATS®-tribe because we love ATS J, but also because we want to show the “roots” of Tribal Style as inspiration for new dancers. And we hope the group will grow and grow … We will take in new applications for the group in January 2013.
And actually it is not an all-Danish group. We have 2 dancers from Sweden as well – so we are a cross-border-tribe. With Malmø and Copenhagen only being divided
Dud's performance at the 5th Tribal Festival 2012 in Hanover
"Tribe of Gaia" - Dud, Lisa and Louise
Lisa Bugel and Dud Muurmand
"Sakura Tribal Group"
Guest in July - DARKSTAR
Guest in November - Samantha Emanuel