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Unfortunately 2nd place, the “Mikado Dance Academy”, were not available for an interview. We choose the 3rd place instead, the “Najah Tribe”, which was founded by Hermina Mayer, one of the two promoters of “Tribal Fest Bucharest.

Interview with Hermina Mayer of Najah Tribe

- by Marcel Bieger

Please introduce yourself.

I'm Hermina Mayer the founder of Najah Tribe project. I’m a dance instructor, a choreographer, a pioneer of Tribal and Tribal Fusion in Romania and one of the organizers of Tribal Fest Bucharest.

For me as a child dance was as natural as breathing, becoming a dancer was a certainty. But instead, I ended up working in an office for 8 years, loosing all my hopes and dreams. I consoled myself singing in a chorus for 10 years, a wonderful experience that would be useful to me later.

It was only at 27, when I started to practice Tai Chi, due to some back pain caused by prolonged state at the office. For 5 years I experienced Chinese practices and dances, having no idea what was about to happen, until one day, I saw a Rachel Brice representation within Bellydance Superstars and I fell in love.
So this is how I got to Tribal Umrah Festival, feeling like Alice in Wonderland, studying with incredible teachers like Jill Parker, Sera Solstice, Sherry Wheatley, Colleena Shakti, Manca Pavli, Morgana and many others, to whom I'm so grateful for their inspiration. These strong women, these goddesses, these talented artists gave me courage
and wings.
After a while I quit my job, I became a certified instructor and I started timidly to promote Tribal Fusion Bellydance in Romania. No one would give me a chance, not even I myself, because I thought it was too late and my talent wasn't what it used to be.

But it takes a magic moment, when time stands still and something touches you down to the depth of your cells: a simple gesture from the wrist, a blink of an eye, a hip circle... There is an entire universe inside of us waiting to be discovered. It's never too late.

In the summer of 2012 I was invited to perform at a dancing soiree. And this is how I got the chance to meet Andreea (who lived in US for 8 years and moved back to her home country, Romania). Together we started organizing small soirees where we would perform Tribal/Tribal Fusion pieces and participated at various dance events to further promote this dance style.Then she had the brave idea of organizing a Tribal Fusion Festival in Bucharest. I hesitated in the beginning, but her courage and determination made it seem possible. The first edition of the festival was an excellent opportunity for our community to grow and to weld, to learn from talented instructors like Ashley Lopez, Manca Pavli, Tjarda van Straten and to dance with joy.
I am fortunate to work with Andreea Bonea, because she believes in the people she works with, she has confidence in them that's why we had many nice volunteers, who helped us with pleasure along the festival. She is a good organizer with an open mentality and whenever we came up with a good idea she applies it immediately, without losing herself into details. 

Please tell us more about the Najah Tribe. 

I am so happy when I dance with my students, I'm glad when I manage to convince them to dance in front of the public, to express themselves, in spite of their stage fright and prejudices that people might have regarding this dance. For Najah Tribe though dance is more than just fun, it's a way of life, it's a passion that improves the quality of our life and it's so rewarding. Therefore I am so grateful that our work was appreciated and Najah Tribe (Viviana Bravescu, Dina Andreea, Hermina Mayer ) won the third prize at the international contest of Tribal Fest Bucharest 2013.

I came up with the Najah Tribe project about 3 years ago in order to promote Tribal and Tribal Fusion in Romania. Najah means success in Arabic, it also has Greek origins being a form of Naida meaning water nymph. So it could be seen as The Successful Tribe of Water Nymphs.

The Najah Tribe personal is different for almost each event, depending on students and how much time they can dedicate for this activity. On stage we always use choreography, even when dancing ATS, which allows us to improve the technique, to create a story, to use different stage emplacements, to refine the movements. I also love choreography, because it's fascinating to transpose into movement our experiences, our dreams, our feelings and to bring the public into the story, into the moment, to make an impression that will last in their memory and their soul.
PS: Due to the fact that the website
is in Romanian it would be better for foreigners to follow us on our facebook page
The performance of Najah Tribe on YouTube:
Hermina und Andreea Bonea
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In the summer of 2010 I was supposed to go on a trip to China, but because my holiday wasn't approved, I thought it would be better to look for a place to study Tribal, since I was so passionate about it.
Let us see the festival through your eyes. 

Organizing Tribal Fest Bucharest was a dream coming true. Ever since I attended Tribal Fests abroad, I wished for Romanians to have access to such events.

The three days of the first edition were a total delight for me. I was enchanted by the reaction and the feedback of the foreign participants it was so interesting to see Bucharest and the event through their eyes. It really motivated me and charged my batteries for the second edition that begins to take shape.