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Your site ( informs us that you are experienced with all kinds of dance styles: Cabaret, Tribal Fusion, Arabic Folkdance, and Middle Eastern Music. "She has been studying Ballet, when she was four years old. She also learned Jazz, Hip-Hop, House, Popping, Soul-step, Modern, and Contemporary/ Lyrical Dance." When did you find the time to do all this?

I think I am one lucky person. I have great dance teachers around me. I had a great Ballet teacher when I was 4. In that time I didn’t know I will dedicate myself to dance in my life. I studied Ballet for about 10 years, but stopped doing so in Junior High School because of school policy. (We needed to stay at school all day studying for Senior High School Entrance Exam),

I learned Street Dance in one of the most famous Street Dance Studios in Taipei called HRC, which has many kinds of street dance in there. I choose Popping, House, Soul-step, Hip-Hop classes there. Same as other dance forms such as Jazz, Contemporary etc., I met many great teachers. 

However, we all only have 24 hours in a day of course, I need to decide my
priorities for learning since I STILL HAVE BELLYDANCE TRAINING, too! I focus on Jazz Training with the amazing teacher Danny Lee (about 7 years so far) and again I am lucky because he is also a professional Fusion Dance Artist, who trained Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, and African Dance. Even if I only take his classes 3 times a week, when I am in town, I still can get some multi influence from other dance forms.

After studying Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary it is not really the scheduled way to study belly dance and tribal fusion, also. What made you curious for these styles and why did you stick to them. And do the former styles influence your belly dance/tribal fusion?

Different Dance forms give me different influence for sure. In general, Jazz movements are isolated and keep same high level for body. It immerses to Belly Dance REALLY WELL for me. Street Dance usually moves fast and  with high mobility, it helps me memorize movements in a short time, and also enhances dance grooving.
Contemporary Theory has many different interesting angles, force, extension and shapes which I LOVE to use. I prefer it, when dance is interesting instead of pretty. In general, other dance forms can make me leave my comfort zone and think out of the box!

You do both, belly dance and tribal fusion, what are in your opinion the main differences between both for a dancer?

I think the main differences are Movement Quality and Intension. Strength, Force, Extension, Flow are other different qualities… But I am not really professional in Raqs Sharqi, this is only my opinion.

How is the tribal and belly dance situation in Taiwan?

Taiwan is a very small island. Same as many countries in the World, Raqs Sharqi is the most popular in belly dance community. We have many workshops and foreign belly dance teachers come to us! The Tribal community is smaller, and Fusion is even smaller than that. But dancers here are very passionate to learn and learn more. And we have more and more Tribal/Fusion belly dance events now. Actually I organize “Fuse the World” Festival in fall every year. And „Fuse the World“ 2017 will be on Oct.7-15, which will be the 6th year!!

You are the president of the Association of Dance Art in Taiwan? What does the Association of Dance Art in Taiwan do?

We try to organize some lectures and charity events to make more people exposure in Art of Dance, Music, or History related.

You are an internationally renown as an ITS Unmata artist/teacher, why did you chose this very demanding and prestigious style for yourself?

This is a very interesting question. I didn’t PLAN for it and it just happened! I think it is GOD’s Willing! I met Amy Sigil at Tribal Massive in 2011. And she was one of Asia Massive Instructors in Taiwan in 2012. We had a chat at that time, and she mentioned there will be an ITS Intensive in 2013… Then I decided to go to Tribal Umrah to start my first UNMATA ITS Intensive in 2013!

So far I attended ITS Level 1 four times, Level 2 three times, Level 3 two times, Level 4 two times, but I feel I am still learning each time! In my opinion, this format is not just a dance format, it also teaches me Teamwork, Leadership, Trust, Details, Generosity, Big Heart… I DO LEARN A LOT from it!

What will we see from you on stage at Tribal Festival in Hanover, Germany?

I will do a Fusion Piece with some improvisation for sure… I didn’t decide it yet! But honestly, I usually decide what I do quite late and that depends on what kind of venue I will perform and how I will feel then! Even the same music, I will feel different and dance different because of the atmosphere during the performance. But I will have made my mind up for sure when the deadline has come!

What will we learn at your workshops at Tribal Festival in Hanover, Germany?

I will teach two workshops in Hanover, Germany: One is ITS Exposure Workshop. I will prepare several movements and some fun formation, See how participators involve, what best to give from my part in 2 hours. We will have so much fun for sure exploring ITS!

Another one is Multified Drum Solo Workshop. This piece is definitely not with a transitional Drum Solo Music! It will explore adapting choreographic techniques traditionally applied to drum solos to suit rhythmic electronic music. We will play many variations into Electric Music. Dancers can meet different beats with different layers. This is a great opportunity to show your technique with fun!

Kelli Li on facebook ...

Kelli Li is guest at the 10th Internationalen TRIBAL FESTIVAL
in Hanover, 9. - 11. June 2017!
Sat., 10. June 2017, 15 – 17 h,
Unmata ITS Exposure Workshop

UNMATA ITS is created from Amy Sigil. For now, ITS have 4 levels. Today we don’t talk about levels, we will cross level and expose it! This workshop is going to introduce what is ITS, and some ITS vocabulary, and how to PLAY it!
Sun., 11. June 2017, 10 – 12 h,
Electric Music – Multifid Drum Solo

This piece is definitely not with a transitional Drum Solo Music! But we use a lot of ideas from drum solo to build up this choreography. We will play many variation from Electric Music. Dancers can meet different beats with different layers. This is a great opportunity to show your technique with fun!
Workshops with Kelli Li (Taiwan)
for further infos and registration here ...
The Tribal Festival Hanover is truly an international festival, but aren’t belly dance or tribal international affairs? From far Taiwan, the big island situated before the Chinese mainland comes Kelli Li and she has seen her share of the world already. She even has been to Tribal Umrah already and is renowned for one of the most outstanding ITS Unmata dancers. And now she is on her way to us. Welcome, Kelli Li.
Interview with Kelli Li
by Marcel Bieger