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Interview with Nadia Nikishenko

by Marcel Bieger

One of them is a story of a peaceful country girl, whose life changes completely when revolution comes to her village. It's also about the two sides of any woman - she can be sweet & joyful, or she can be passionate & dangerous.

The other show is called "Anthony & Cleopatra". It’s not the actual story of their relationship, but a depiction of their most characteristic features: Anthony – warrior, Cleopatra - Queen seductress.

The audience will have another chance to see the skillful handling of various accessories which help to make my stories realistic. I believe you will enjoy both of the shows!

What will you teach this year at the festival?

I am very happy that I will have the opportunity to share my dance art with European students. The WS I give at Leyla Jouvana’s festival will be based on the fusion performances which I showed in Duisburg last year – Ancient Egypt Fantasy & Indian Evil Brahmin. The audience enjoyed them greatly, so it's natural that I want to teach the things that were admired so much.

Acting is one of the most important skills that I teach & we’ll practice it at the WS. No acting – no show! Then comes technique that’s the second most essential condition of a good show performance. So we have a lot to learn & practice!

Nadia's homepage:

Schedule and workshops

18th - 28th 2011 - 19. Orient. Festival Europe


Sat., Nov. 26th 2011, 9.00 -11.00 am
Nadia Nikishenko (RUS) - Pharaonic Fantasy Show – full choreography
In this WS you will be presented to unique pharaonic dance style, notable for its extraordinary technique & distinctive postures. You will learn to combine "liquid body" technique with unexpected stops, turns & postures. Be free to feel yourself the Queen
of Ancient Egypt, filling your dance both with kingly hauteur & feminine sensuality.

Sun., Nov. 27th 2011, 11.20 am– 1.50 pm
Nadia Nikishenko - Arabic Indian Cocktail Choreo
Learn to make your own dance story, using your bellydance experience & exotic
Indian choreography. Break the standards of Oriental dance & learn to combine Middle-eastern dance with Indian dance. Let's make this a great dance fun!

Last year we saw her for the first time – at the 18th Oriental Festival of Jeyla Jouvana’s and Roland’s  - Nadia Nikishenko, dancer from Russia. We were stuck from the first moment on. How playfully and seemingly effortless she works with different styles, how many fresh ideas she has and not to forget to mention her unbelievable exotic costumes. After seeing her, we immediately bade her for an interview. And we promised to do a new interview with her as soon as she will come back to Germany. This year she will be back, at the 19th Oriental Festival, and here is the interview:
What will we see this year at the Oriental Festival
in Duisburg, Germany?

This year I plan to bring two Oriental Fusion performances.
I am good in fusions, so I want to show the most interesting of them to the European audience.

Though I didn’t have time to see much of it, I loved it. I think I would live there! Aisa Lafour is a very nice person that I enjoyed being in her company. She & her organizers team made a great festival. I am happy I was a part of it! I hope I will come back to Amsterdam some day.

How does it feel to be in the contest last time and to be in the gala this time?

This year I am honored to be one of the stars at Leyla Jouvana’s Festival & Gala Show in Duisburg, so I will be very excited to get ready for it. Leyla is a very professional bellydancer & organizer, I am sure her festival will always be one of the most important bellydance events in Europe. It has great reputation, people know it all over the world. So dancers have great opportunities there! Just like me. Europe saw me thanks to Leyla’s festival, I will always be very grateful to her for the invitation to come to Duisburg! I know that I am not the only one grateful. People come to Duisburg every year & enrich their dance experiences in many different ways – lots of WS, contest “Bellydancer of the World”, shows, parties.

So I want to use the opportunity & invite everybody to the 19th Oriental Festival of Europe. I know that there are a lot of other bellydance events going on all the time, & it’s hard to choose where to go. But believe my experience – this one is worth coming to! Otherwise it wouldn’t be the 19th time! Good things live long!

How has live been to you in the last year?

There have been many exciting things in my life for the past year. I’ve been to Amsterdam – one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

I have so many impressions from Beijing that it will take a lot of time to describe them all. Let’s just say: every time I think about my trip to Beijing, I feel happy! I am sure it’s not the last time I was there!
The festival in Beijing was great. We were a very friendly & funny company of teachers from different countries, who already knew each other from other festivals, so it was nice time that we spent together. Chinese food was one of the most exciting adventures for all of us. Yao, one of the hosts of the festival, took us to different restaurants every day, & every time we were served exotic dishes completely new to us. Most of them were delicious, some were specifically Chinese, not to everybody’s taste, but we had several dishes to chose from! We also had a lot of impressions from the China Bellydance Championship that we were judging. It was really an interesting experience. China has wonderful dancers to be proud of!
Another fascinating trip was my visit to Beijing. It was exactly at the same time as my husband & I were moving to Moscow. I had to think about my WS & performances in China, and also do some packing. My mom was also pretty busy making costumes & helping with the moving process. It was very hard to manage everything!