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For the first time in Germany,
Australian belly dance artist Nerissa
at the World of Orient, Hanover

Nerissa, of Greek heritage, is a high profile belly dance artist based in Australia. Her status and fame as one of Australia’s top belly dancers is due to her authentic and captivating Egyptian style. She has been performing in Australia for its Middle Eastern communities and its Middle Eastern restaurants for over 12 years.

Interview with Nerissa

by Marcel Bieger
Would you please tell us something about your dance career? How did Belly Dance find you?  

My love for the Egyptian style of dance took me on my first study tour to Cairo in 2003. Since then, I’ve travelled to Cairo every year (sometimes more than once!) to study with Cairo’s top stars and master teachers. I have also continued to return to Cairo following the recent political revolution to continue my dance studies. The teachers I’ve undertaken private tuition with include Raqia Hassan, Soraya Zayed, Randa Kamel, Aida Nour, Amani of Cairo, Dandesh, Dina, Nelly Fouad, Aida Nour, Nour, Caroline Evanoff, Abeer Kamel, Nani Sabri, Aziza and many others.

I began teaching belly dance in 2008 and I’m a director of one of the largest belly dance schools in Australia, the “Queensland Belly dance Academy”. I’m also the artistic director of Australia’s premier belly dance troupe, the Sahara Dance Company. I teach workshops around Australia as well as conducting master workshops in New Zealand and South East Asia.

What is going on in the Australian dance community?

Australia, a multicultural society, has a very large, diverse and vibrant belly dance community. There are hundreds of dance schools around the country with many festivals yearly. The Australian belly dance community has hosted a range of international stars including Dina, Randa Kamel, Jillina, Raqia Hassan, Nour of Cairo, Farida Fahmy, Dr Mo Gadawi, Mohamed Kazafy, Tito, Lubna Eman, and MoMo Kadous. There is a major focus in Australia on the Egyptian and Lebanese styles of belly dance due to our large Middle Eastern communities.

What do you expect coming to Germany and performing here?

In teaching and performing in Germany, I hope to offer students a new Australian perspective of Egyptian oriental dance. While much of the world is following the trends developing out of Europe, the Australian belly dance community continues to strongly follow the Egyptian style. There are many wonderful Australian dancers who have a lot to offer the international belly dance community. I hope to represent my country as well as Egyptian oriental dance in a fun and informative way.

What will you teach us in your workshop?  

The focus of my workshop will be Modern Egyptian Technique. I’ll be teaching a choreography utilising techniques I have learned during my studies in Cairo. From this workshop students will learn an exciting and beautiful choreography with many new combinations with the very latest Cairo stylings!
World of Orient Workshop with NERISSA on Sat., March 14th, 10-12h

Modern Cairo Style - Technique & Choreo
Expression, Technique, Choreo in the Style of Cairo Bellydance Stars
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Nerissa with "Oriental mejance"