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Photos ©: published with kindly permission by Olga Meos
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Olga Meos is guest at the
10th International Tribal Festival in Hanover
09. - 11. June 2017
Tibal is truly international and who still doesn’t believe this should throw an eye on the list of rhe artists at this year’s Tribal Festival Hanover, Germany.

We have many artists from Asia, from Japan they come in the dozens, from Central Asia there will be several dancers with us, and we would like to introduce today the most important tribal star from Kazakhstan, the ninth biggest country in the world, from where in our humble memory never before somebody entered our stage – welcome, Olga Meos.

Interview with Olga Meos

by Marcel Bieger
Unfortunately we know near nothing about you, would you be so kind and introduce yourself?

Hello there, dance world! My name is Olga Meos, maiden surname - Shereykayte. But I already feel like Meos for a long time. I was born in central Kazakhstan. I started to dance from kindergarten, and dances always filled my life in different sections and styles as an amateur. I dreamed of dancing on professional stages. And I always felt at the right place when I was on it. My mother is a very creative person, she supported my desire for dancing always, but nevertheless in our countries this was not considered a normal work of the future. And about the opening of the dance studio, I could not even dream. Therefore, I received the education of an information technology programmer and even worked a year in this field. But quickly I realized that it is not mine, sedentary work, the stability, the schedule in the morning until the evening, 30 vacation days per year... And in the evening another world: dancing, creativity, happiness, positive, communication.

My specialty in IT helps me in life, of course, but my soul has always sought to creativity, dance, stage, teaching and to organize different events.

How did tribal and you meet and why did you stick to it?

10 years ago I began to replace my bellydance teacher (classic raqs sharqi), which I danced for more than 6 years before. As a dancer strong, but I was completely new to the teaching skills. Then, like many of us in the tribal community, a couple of Bellydance Superstars videos on You Tube have changed my life. And unexpectedly for myself, the stars brought me to you, for this interview! Tribal filled my life completely.

You live in Kazakhstan (in the capital Astana), is there a tribal scene in Kazakhstan or in Central Asia?

I lived in Kazakhstan till 2016. And I opened tribal style in Astana. About half a year I trained with only one student, and no one understood us then. But after a couple of performances the band grew very quickly. When we were about 10 people, I called our team Tribal Pro. I developed in Astana about 5 years, our team was really big. Some of the students were ready to teach, and it was really great, because I needed to move to Almaty that time. In Almaty I found like-minded people and this turned out to be a branch of Tribal Pro, in the south of Kazakhstan. And there was created the first specialized tribal studio. Then two years later with my family, I again returned to Astana, and left all my classes to my instructor’s team in Almaty. In Astana, I also opened a dance studio, the biggest in Kazakhstan, and this is my main business now. And some cities (Karaganda and Temirtau) wanted to be a part of us. Tribal PRO. It’s not a business, because I met gorgeous people, talented dancers with a good heart. If you want to be a part of Tribal Pro family, just be. This year we will celebrate 8 years old and we have about 10 instructors and more than 100 students in each city. But in 2017 I moved to Hong Kong with my husband and I am really glad for these changes. It’s a new stage for my family. And I am still trying to connect with all of Tribal Pro remotely and to be in Kazakhstan twice per year.

Kazakhstan has a rich folklore tradition, did it in any way influence your dancing style?

Oh sure. Once we did a group performance with Kazakh music. But it's very problematic to find the right music for my style. Usually Kazakh traditional music is orchestral. That’s why it was only once. Anyway, we usually using Kazakh national jewelry art on our costume, because it’s looking similar with Turkmen jewelry.  Very ethnic and beautiful! Also, patterns in the form of a ram's horn frequently used.

How would you describe your dancing style and how did you develop it?

In fact, in our group performances during 8 years we tried almost all styles. But people talk about us as a combination of femininity and boldness with a great belly dance and isolations technique.

When working on a new choreography of yours, what comes first: the music, a move, an emotion - and having found that how do you proceed?

Inspiration comes from different sources. The last time my dance started with gorgeous fabrics, and then I looked for music. The movement, of course, is born of music, because we are, the dancers, are music visualization. We have to show the music. The audience must hear it through us. The dancers show us those musical moments, which sometimes we do not notice.

What will you show us at "Tribal Festival" on stage?

 I will show how happy I am to be a guest at your festival! It’s making me proud to dance on your stage, and I will try to share all of my energy with you!

What can we learn, when attending your workshops?

I will share with you my personal development and experience in developing yourself in technique, and in seeking new movements in your body. We will get inside our body along and across, and in the second class we will put emotions into our dance and understand how this happens and which tools we need for this.

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WORKSHOP on Sat., 10. June 2017, 12:30 – 14:30h

Olga Meos / JUST DRILL IT! Pimp your Level!

Mindblowing layering, breathtaking beauty and power of Tribal Fusion…

Complete tribal atmospheric immersion in your body, with a bit of amazing music, drilling non-stop for a new level of perfection of your technique. From the simplest moves to the most blow-mind layerings and transitions!

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WORKSHOP on Sun., 11. June 2017, 10:00 – 12:00h

Olga Meos / "Roller Coaster“ – Contrast of eMotion Olga Meos Style

After learning of the standard 8-counting combinations we often have a desire to make our dance more alive and interesting for the viewer. And this contrast makes people laugh, cry with joy or cry. For example roller-coaster that move slowly, and then almost throw you into the abyss before gently returning back to earth. That is what we are going to do on the class – the addition of emotions in motion, contrast, slow and fast to make your dance more incredible and powerful.

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