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The Argentine dance star Oscar Flores has made himself a name in the whole world and now he will be visiting Germany, too. We are happy to have him here and we are proud of Artemis and Dieter Dewald, because they managed to get him to their “Oriental Dance Festival” in Stuttgart. To get in the right mood for him we have sent him some interview questions. Check out his answers.

Interview with the Argentine dance star
Oscar Flores

- by Marcel Bieger

You are a dancer, who is at home in the whole world, when did this all start?

My career began over 20 years ago when I was very young. I started with theatre, then Flamenco dancing and other dances, until I met the Oriental dance. For the last 20 years I have been dancing this amazing dance (Oriental). Luckily in the last eight years my career reached an international dimension, allowing me to visit different countries of Latin America, then Europe and now Asia.

Could you enlighten us about your dance style?
My style is very personal, visceral and passionate, is a mixture of styles. I love interpreting the music, the emotion, and the fact that I have studied different styles of dances give me a broader view of the body work and of the performances on stage. I like being a versatile dancer and teacher, so I’m used to dance and teach classic pieces of belly dance, as I also dance or teach fusions with flamenco, tango, Latin style or tribal. Every piece of work I create is a part of my life.

Oscar Flores is guest at Artemis und Dieter Dewald's
Orientalischem Tanz-Festival
in Stuttgart, March 21st / 22nd 2015

Oscar Flores will dance in both evening Galas (Saturday and Sunday) und he also teaches 2 exciting Workshops:

Drum Solo with Oscar Flores
Tabla Solo, a dynamic vision of  the tabla only, strength, joy and a novel technique to work  your percussion.
When: Saturday 21.3.2015, Time: 14:30 -16:30 h

Tango Oriental with Oscar Flores
Oriental Tango, is an exquisite fusion, combination of Tango Argentino and sensuality of oriental dance
When: Sunday 22.3.2015, Time: 12:30 -14:30 h

Infos about the Festival Workshops and registration

How is the belly dance situation in Argentina?

In Argentina belly dance has a very high level. Students are used to dance since they are very little and there is a wide variety of dance schools and teachers with their own and personal style. This way, students have the opportunity to dance a lot, in different styles, classes and shows.

We were astonished to learn that this will be your first time in Germany, what took you
so long?

It is the first time I’m visiting Germany, and I have to admit that I’m very happy and excited. It has taken some time to organize it, because Argentina is far and sometimes agendas are full of events. In the recent time, my career got stronger in Europe and Asia, which is an opportunity to work in longer festivals, and also to have more people knowing and seeing my work.

What will you show us on stage in Stuttgart?

On stage I will be showing two performances: an Oriental Tango and an Oriental performance. These are two very different interpretations and energies, which I am very happy to share with so many artists.

What exactly will you teach us in your workshops in Stuttgart?

At the Festival, I will be teaching two workshops: a Drum Solo (very energetic and with dynamic combinations) and an Oriental Tango (one of my favourite fusions, with the mixture of the tango seduction and the fire of oriental dance).

What future plans do you have?

Future plans are extensive. Thank God I have a lot of work, and I enjoy it! My schedule has an extension of more than two years and festivals managers are booking their dates with a lot of anticipation, letting me organize my schedule and commitments in a better way. Last year I visited more than 10 countries and in just the first three months of this year I’ve already been in 5 countries and 8 different cities. I'm excited, each new trip is an opportunity to meet new students, new cultures and, especially, to study with other teachers. Whenever I can I attend and take classes from other teachers because everyone has their own style and way of teaching, which I just love.


Oscar Flores on
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photo © Leandro Allochis
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photo © Adrian Fiesta
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