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Sabrina Fox is one of the big names in international Tribal Fusion. But instead of becoming a soloist star she decided to make it with the Bellydance Superstars and give them her special brand of Tribal Fusion one of the secrets of success of this global dance sensation.
In the last months it became a little bit quiet about the BDSS. Leyla and Roland Jouvana haven managed to pack three of these exceptional artists into their 22nd Oriental Dance Festival of Europe. We are really exited to witness, what will happen. Please check out, what Sabrina has to say below about how everything came about…

Interview with BDSS Sabrina Fox

by Marcel Bieger

How did Tribal Fusion and you meet? What made you make "Wow! This is it!" (or something similar)?

Well, this was interesting, actually. I had been taking and performing various styles of dance since I was a girl and had a dream to be a professional dancer one day. I called a company in NY about auditioning for them and, at the time I was 27, they told me I was too old to audition and that I would not be considered because of this. My heart was broken, I felt like I had no chance at all, and gave up the idea to be a dancer.

Then one evening I went to a local café with friends and a beautiful belly dancer performed, she was great dressed in bright pink, big hair all the glitter in the world, and she was a glorious 65 years old. I woke up in that moment and realized YES Belly Dance!! - that was it, that was what I had to learn to dance and perform as a dancer for the rest of my life.

Being a more Gothic style person I was interested in trying something different, but the traditional style and music did no quite fit who I was inside and what I wanted to express, I needed more freedom to show everything I had learned as a dancer.

About a year after I saw Urban Tribal perform, and that was the hook. The style was strong deep and dark, spoke to me from a place I knew, and the music was not limited, neither were the dance styles. I could fuse anything together once I knew the basics. I began classes with Heather (Stants) the next day, once I realized the freedom of expression within the Tribal-Fusion form I knew I had found my home as a dancer.

I wait for the song to give me an artistic vision, I have created a bank of movement from my life of training, so I just mix the different styles I know depending on the vision. The creativity in the Tribal-fusion costumes really adds to this for me, if the song say is sexy, then I create a sexy choreography, if it says dark, then I go dark with costume and choreography. It's the music first then the dance pushes through. I want the audience to feel first then I give them the vision I see. Music is the key for me.
As a Tribal Fusion artist you have a great name and could have had a wonderful career as a soloist, what drove you to the BDSS?

I never wanted more than to be a performing artist and live simply as one, at least in the beginning. I love dance, and any opportunity to experience the adventures Dance offers. As far as BDSS, I was curious and wanted to see what it would feel like to be part of a revolution in Tribal Style belly dance.  I believe if it were not for BDSS I think belly dance would still be buried deep in the mysterious underground as it had been before Miles and Rachel brought the fusion style to London.

In other words, I don't think I pushed it onto the BDSS stage as much as the people who came to see the shows just wanted more of it, the audience liked it, it was the fans that wanted more, so Miles gave it to them. As I had stated above, Tribal belly dance in all its forms had a rough, doubt filled start in the beginning, we were laughed at by other dancers, but loved by the audience. Black swans..
Every teacher has something different to offer, no one teacher can dance for any student, the journey has to do with the students desire to learn more or see the same move in a different way. If they like what I do, I can show them how to do that, the rest is up to them.

What will you show us on stage at Leyla's?

I don't know, it depends on what I feel. I am sure it will be strange I am a bit strange as a soloist. Right now I am feeling a song that makes me think of bugs, so I may just be a bug on the stage, haha! I have another song that is very sexy, so I may be that. I really won’t know, until I get there and feel what will make the best fit. I'm nervous ...
always get nervous..
Sabrina Fox ist guest at
Leyla & Roland Jouvana's
22nd Oriental Dance Festival of Europe
in Duisburg,
21st Nov. - 1st Dec. 2014
Sabrina Fox dancing at Tribal Fest 2014 (YouTube Video)
The BDSS on Club Tour 2012 - l.t.r.: Inka, Sabrina, Petit Jamila, Stefanya, Moria and Sabah
Sabrina and her Tribal dancing partner Moria Chappell
Reading your bio one learns that you know a thing or two about Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, West African, Modern, many more and that you even have the ATS GS certificate. Which of these influence your choreographies and performances most, do you mix styles deliberately or do you take them in as they come?
Just 10 years before I had visited London on my own and belly dance was something you only saw in small restaurants or birthday parties. My mother (French) told me that belly dance was not a highly respected dance art in Europe (France mainly) and advised me not to do it. BDSS changed that in my exp, helped many people see it as the actual art form it is, not a party dancer or something to only see in restaurants. I feel BDSS is due credit for what they did for belly dance and I was not going to let that opportunity pass by, I wanted to be on that train even just the caboose.
I also love dancing and creating with other dancers, more than being a soloist, the love and connection I have with other dancers, when I perform with them, is indescribable, its deeper than family. In my beginnings Tribal style both ATS and Fusion had had quite a lot of bullying from other dance forms, and I am fighting the fight to be sure it is taken seriously.
I feel we are there or very close to it. I love all styles of belly dance, because I love to watch skilled and talented dancers create and express their vision. Tribal fusion is still young, skilled dancers in this dance from are responsible for gaining its respect. Being trained is the only way, otherwise it can come off as a campy play, but that goes with all dance forms I guess.
How would you describe your role as pushing the shows somewhat more to Tribal and
Tribal Fusion?

People wanted to see something different, Tribal Fusion is different, the music is a break from the traditional style of music. Tribal fusion gave a new perspective to the audience, there are no absolute boundaries with Tribal Fusion, you never really know outside of a trendy aesthetic what you are going to get from a Tribal Fusion dancer. The fusion dance can come from the dancer’s dance education bank, combined with common ATS and Classical moves.
What will you teach in your workshops in Germany?

I will show fellow dancers how I discovered movement and give them shortcuts. That's a teachers job I believe, I teach people what took me years to learn. I have had so many "ah-ha" moments the last two years, I cannot wait to show the students. Once they get those connections they can evolve it into something even better. I need to see that.

I am going to teach fun combinations, some married to the music, some just in an 8 count structure with cues. I have some fun technique drills and break downs of complex techniques. I am sure the moves will not be uncommon to some, but I will show dancers how to break them down and separate them recreate them as something completely different and also move across the floor with them.

I feel I am here to teach, what I have learned in my private practice, how things have evolved for me. My main goal is to make dancers feel inspired. I want them to leave my workshops with their hearts on fire
We would like to see you more often over here in Europe, so please tell us about your future plans.

I love Europe, thanks to
Bellydance Superstars I was able to connect and meet many wonderful dancers all over Europe. Germany, France, Spain, England, Italy, I could never get enough of those countries. I am always interested in going there, Leyla invited me to Germany, I am so grateful for her and being invited to her festival. She is wonderful, a bright light. I felt so warm and happy there, when I went before, so I was more than happy to return.