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Samantha Emanuel
at "perlatentia's"
in Hanover
by Konstanze Winkler

Now I’d like to ask perlatentia some questions.
It was their idea to invite Samantha for
a comprehensive workshop weekend to Hanover.

First of all, kudos to perlatentia: I took home a lot of great impressions and liked the cozy atmosphere during the whole weekend, though sometimes the “movenyo’s” was busy as a bee hive because of the many willing students that came here to learn
What brought Samantha Emanuel to your minds?

We'd been wanting to invite her for ages already, because we've always thought of her as one of the most expressive and innovative tribal fusion dancers in the world. However, there was never the right opportunity for that. It finally came up when the girls of Russian Tribal Mafia, whom we had collaborated before for Tribalution II, contacted us and asked us if we wanted to invite Samantha to Hanover as part of the European mini tour organized by the Russian Tribal Mafia. Of course, they didn't have to ask twice!

It’s the third time that your tribe organized an event of your own. There were two “Tribalution” events (your own brand of shows) and now the workshop weekend with Samantha. How do you plan and organise such events and will we see more of this?

Tribalution I kind of came to us instead of vice versa: Geneva Bybee was going on European tour and told us she'd like to come to Hanover. “movenyo's” Stephie and Patricia took the reign for this project and organized both the show and the workshops in record time! We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with our guests Shir o Shakar, Sophia Chariarse and of course Geneva.

We conceived it as an “Urban Arts Festival” presenting tribal style alongside other improvisational art forms such as poetry slam or improv theater.

Our goal was to make tribal style known to an audience outside the bellydance scene. We succeeded: our show, which featured the wonderful Steven Eggers, was sold out. Steven's workshops were also booked quite well, which made the whole event the perfect success.

Compared to that, organizing the workshops with Sam was a piece of cake. After the girls of Russian Tribal Mafia established the first contact, we made up a date with Sam, booked her flight from Moscow and started the ad campaign. The rest is history!

Who is going be your next guest?

Our next guest is going to be Gabriella of NEA's Tribal teaching her workshop series “ NEA's Fundamentals”. September 2011 to March 2012 she'll be coming to Hanover monthly and teach the basics of tribal style in the formats of FCBD, Gypsy Caravan and NEA's Tribal. You'll find all the info you need at
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Are you planning on inviting Samantha again?

We had a great time with Sam. She's just wonderful and fun be it as a teacher, dancer or person. That's why we're sure we're going to meet again. Except we don't know when...
With Tribalution II, we went about in a completely different way. We'd been planning this event for more than a year and really put our hearts into it, with Elena and Imme-Kathrin leading the way.
Photos © 1, 4 and 5 Konstanze Winkler, 2 and 3 by courtesy of perlatentia