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a real meditation where I'm only here and now and living for the moment without involving my thinking and expectations. Every dancer can experience this state whilst dancing - there is nothing but happiness and joy!  

For me this is a wonderful way of working with different emotions but also discovering my needs as a woman. I started to dance when I was 12 years old, in other words when I was still a girl. Dancing was with me all my life - also during puberty when I transformed into a woman. It is a real hard time for a girl - which is still a child in her mind captured in a woman’s body! Thanks to the dance I discovered myself as a woman, accepted my body and I started to feel more confident with myself. Belly dance is a kind of art which is working deeply with the sexual energy and femininity. If you have lots of unconscious guilt connected with sexuality because of your bad experiences, relationships with partner, parents or religion - (for example living in a catholic country like Poland) you might have lots of tension in your pelvis and belly because this is the "place" where all the sexual and life energy responsible also for our creativity should flow! 

This is what I'm always trying to show to my students and also other women. Belly dance is not only a great art. It is a beautiful way of accepting our own body. We all can be happy and feel good in our bodies - we are all beautiful how we are and should share the power between other women. Belly dance might be the way of discovering ourselves but also can give us happiness and inspiration. The time of the Goddess is just our "5 minutes" we should not miss. This is the opportunity to develop and accept ourselves - we, the women, are all goddesses if we can only believe in it!

I'm telling you all this because this is deeply connected with  "the time of the Goddess". It means for me and my life - that I am and every woman in her real nature is a Goddess. To be a Goddess is not only to be beautiful and sexy like an ancient sculpture. The real meaning goes deeper - every woman with her massive sexual energy and fertility concentrated in the tummy and pelvis can bring to the world a new life - that's why men used to perceive us as Goddesses in the ancient times. If you feel confident with your body, and you accept yourself how you really are with your sexual needs you will be simply a happy, powerful woman. If you can accept yourself on all these deep levels you can fully enjoy life and relationships with other people.

How did you get into belly dance and how broad is your repertoire?

I don't really remember the first time when I saw belly dance and when exactly my love to this beautiful art started. I'm dancing since I'm 12 - at the beginning I was dancing in a modern, contemporary group for a few years. This was a good experience with dancing in general - I met there a bit of everything - classic, modern, hip-hop, disco, jazz etc. which was and still is very useful in my work today. But deep inside I felt that this is not my style. I was always attracted by the Orient.  At that time, almost 20 years ago, there was nothing, no possibilities to learn any exotic kind of art - I was always dreaming of learning gypsy dance and some eastern oriental dances but I could forget it because there were no possibilities and no teachers in my country at that time.

In the meantime when I was a teenager I had a 3 -year-adventure working for the Polish TV. I was performing as one of a main characters in a very famous Polish teenager series "the diary of a teenager" and then for one year in a different program for children as a moderator "Strawberry Studio". And I became famous for a few years in whole Poland. This TV adventure was a great experience for me and I learned a lot from it- how to behave in front of cameras, how to act, which is exactly the same as being on the stage and being conscious of the presence of the audience.

        And then I met my first big love - Flamenco. I noticed that someone is giving classes in my city and so I started to learn flamenco. I stayed in this school for 3 years I already started to play concerts and to go abroad to Spain to learn more and more from the masters. I dance flamenco for 14 years now and it is still a very big part of my life.

         My first belly dance steps I took about 9 years ago. I discovered it thanks to a Polish belly dancer living in Berlin. She came one day to my city for a Workshop and so it all started. Because at that time there where no schools, and no master teachers in Poland I could only go abroad to take classes and WS and invite great dancers who could teach me and other Polish dancers. This and watching DVDs was the only opportunity to learn Belly dance.

„The time of the goddess" (le temps de la déesse). How does this wonderful word (to be found on your site) influence your dance (your life?).

This word is the title of an article I wrote about belly dance for a Polish famous psychological magazine "Sens". This article is about belly dance in general, it's history but especially about the psychological and spiritual influence on womens’ mind and body. For me as a dancer, psychologist and buddhist dancing was always something more than a beautiful art and having fun!After many years of dancing I found out that if I can look deeper into myself dancing might be also a spiritual path,

- from Marcel Bieger


Interview with Samira about her career
and the belly dance situation in Poland

Photos: 1, 3 and 4 (c) Marcin Kuran,
2 (c) Leszek Pilichowski