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Photos: 1 and 3 (c) Konstanze Winkler, 2 (c) Silvia Salamanca


Interview with
Silvia Salamanca
by Marcel Bieger uand Konstanze Winkler


What great festivals or performances do you have in Spain, and are you attending some of them (even perform there),
maybe next year - 2010?

Let me start saying there are a few ... and I can’t set on stone right now my attendance since my schedule for 2010 is still forming and adding more workshops in 2010! Ay! But I name you 2 and I also would like to add that we will have the pleasure to have Leyla Jouvana in Mallorca on 19th and 20th of July 2010! Here come the festivals:

-      Isbilia - Festival Internacional de Danza Oriental en Sevilla, February 2010

-      Egipto en Barcelona!!! 4º Festival Internacional de Danza Oriental en Barcelona Febrero 2010 Días 04, 05, 06 y 7

Could you give us some more information about the rediscovery of the Moorish culture, and how is modern Flamenco influenced by it?

It has experienced a wave of interest in the last 7 years or so, since Moroccan immigration did become a "problem" for Spanish governments and media showed in TV on a daily basis the usual conflicts of 2 clashing cultures in major cities in Spain. So when confronted with the nowadays Arabs just moved to Europe, a portion of Spain had to deal on what to do:

integrate through tolerance or discriminate by ignorance (at least that is my belief). It seems we have chosen the first option, and through curiosity and opening to discover the Arab culture nowadays came naturally the reminder of our own history. Hence such rediscovery and cultural boom.

And will we see you performing in Germany again? Soon?

I can’t tell ... it’s still a secret ... shhhh ... hahaha!! Now seriously, yes! Can’t give details yet, but will soon! (Leyla, I love you! You hear me woman? Hahahahaa!!)