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Interview with the Korean Dancer Sujee Choi
by Marcel Bieger

Sujee Choi will perform at the 18th Oriental Festival Europe ( and she will give Workshops. She’s also a member of the jury for the contest “Belly Dancer of the World”
Have you ever been to Europe (you have been to Russia already, haven't you?) Where did you meet Leyla and Roland Jouvana.

Yes, I’ve been to England and Spain and Russia. I met them Leyla and Roland at Ahlan Wa Sahlan. Dr. Mo Geddawi introduced them to me. I met Leyla and Roland in Egypt festival 3 years ago, and I invited them in Korean International festival at 2009. Their performance was brilliant and impressive to us.

Please tell us something about the belly dance situation in Korea and about KBDA.

Korea loves belly dance, but only since a short period, as belly dance in my country is popular for ten years now. From starting near nothing, we assume that there are around 500,000 dancers nowadays. All the generations are involved from the kindergarten students to the senior citizens. I’m doing my own choreographies and research to combine Korean classical dance with belly dance. My students got award championship as an ensemble as well as for solo performances 6 times in different International competitions. That makes me happy and proud about the level of Korean belly dance.

What are your dancing specialities, what will we see in Germany as soon as you enter the stage, and what wonderous things will you show and teach students in your workshops?

I am specialized in Taksim Egyptian style. I will also perform fan veil which is Korean classical dance fused with belly dance.

Workshops with Sujee Choi
at Leyla and Roland Jouvana's 18th Oriental Festival Europe (

Sat 20.11.

9.30 - 11.30 am
Egyptian Takseem
Much sought after in Egypt, Sujee will show you the secrets of the instrumental solo and how to become one with the music and rhythm, focusing on sensual slow abdominal moves which will stretch you as a dancer. Suitable for improvers of reasonably advanced skill with good knowledge of basics, as well as more advanced students.

Sun 21.11.

5.45 – 7.45 pm
"Fan – Veil Technique and Mini Choreography "
Direct from the source, the art of Fan Veil, which has its origins in Asia. An unusual and ideal addition to your repertoire.

See also the very informative English Site
Tell us something about you and your life: When did you start to belly dance, on which styles are you specialized, can you make a living out of dancing.

When I was early teenager, I fell in love with gypsy dancers especially with Esmeralda, who was the leading actress in the movie  “Notre Dame de Paris”. But until after I delivered my second son it was my ‘The Road Not Taken ‘ like in a Robert Frost poem. The zeal of dancing then took me over. I have been involved for 10 years. It is my life now. I'm specialized in Taksim Egyptian style with deep emotion. I usually teach master’s class and give my students the A teaching certificate form which the government promotes. Nation wide I have 25 establishments under my name.