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Now another interview.
Fayzah told us, what is moving her while dancing


The artist Fayzah before her performance at 3rd Tribal Festival, Hanover

by Marcel Bieger

Have you ever performed before in Germany or Europe?

This will be my first Tribal-Fusion performance in Germany.

What specialities can we await in your work shops; we know the titles of them, but could you be a little more specific about them, please?

I draw inspiration from water and sea creatures, so we will be playing with these concepts, along with creating beautiful curves in the goddess flow section. I will also be breaking down some hip hop concepts, and contrasting slinky, goey movements, and waves, with definitive accents. Participants will have notes to take home and review.

You combine all sorts of styles with Tribal Fusion. Are there in your opinion any limits, barriers or frontiers beyond which you can't go.

I like to find the place where "it makes sense" and is natural. For example when I am fusing tango with tribal fusion, tango has a lot of movements that caress the floor with the foot, drawing circles on the floor, or accenting with the feet. So if I'm bringing the movement down the body and doing a figure eight type move forward and back in the hips, I might keep one leg relaxed so it also creates a figure eight pattern on the floor too, as someone would do in tango.

Although I like many types of dance, I am very specific about what I blend with Tribal Fusion. I was a purist for a long time and it took me a while to even consider fusion. I was very interested in learning the essence of a dance first, and about the music that inspired it, and I still am! If it was a folk dance from a specific region I would really want to learn just that, and get the feeling of it without even thinking about fusion!

Different dance forms have different feelings. Images that might come to mind when a person thinks of Flamenco (passionate, strong, singing of hardships, hands, sevillanas) or Hip Hop (party dances, relaxed posture, groove, expressive arms and hands, attitude), are quite different. It is usually the groove or feeling in a dance that classifies a style. Many people can learn dance steps, but to get the groove is something else. I think its good to have awareness of where something came from, or is coming from. And with all that in mind, I turn to the music, and to expressing what’s in the music and moving how I feel, and creating images I want to paint into a dance piece.

Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting you! :),

Fayzah live on stage: Saturday evening Show, 29.05.2010

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What will we see when you are on stage?

You will see how I am inspired to combine hip hop elements with Tribal Fusion as well as the other concepts that I will be teaching in the workshops. So I would like to show these musical choices and movements that express what people will be learning in the classes.


Fr., 28.05.2010

Magic Goddess Flow 5-7 p.m. IM/A

Curvy lines, melting and effective level changes.

Indian type movements with smooth transitions. Juicy melting moves, snakey arms, and hands, floreying wrists and fingers with turns and double turns. Magic slow moves with focusing on feeling smoothness, stillness, energy, connecting. Enchanting!Dieser Workshop wird Euch verzaubern: Schlängelnde Linien, Verschmelzungen und beeindruckende Ebenenwechsel; indisch anmutende Bewegungen und geschickte Übergänge; aufregende geschmeidige Bewegungen, schlangenartige Arme und Handgelenke, Floreo-Hände und -Finger mit einfachen und doppelten Drehungen; magische Bewegungen in Zeitlupe mit besonderem Focus auf Geschmeidigkeit, Ruhe, Energie, weiche Übergänge.

Sat., 29.05.2010

Signature Moves: Amazing fluid movements (inspired by sea animals)
10-12 a.m. IM/A

Fluid arms with lots of hands and fingers effects. Using the power from solar plexus to move like water, Jellyfish and sea weed. Lots of Technique and brandnew combos are waiting for you.

Hot Hip-Hop Movements for Tribal Fusion 3-5 p.m. IM/A

Fayzah ia a specialist for footwork, popping, waving, accents, and isolations. Combining hip hop foundations with tribal-fusion she will teach you her innovative, very special combos.

Sun., 30.05.2010

Robot Cat Style Attention: 12.30-3.30 p.m. A/M

…Mixes robot hip hop moves with slinky melting flirty moves.

Fun to play with. Contrasts: hard and soft. Slow and fast. High and low. Level changes. Big and small. When we play with contrast it adds a lot to our dimension of dance and choreo. When something is all at the same speed, tempo, energy, it will blend together. Just add contrast to your dance and you will be able to highlight your dance and stage expression.