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Today there's no interview but a statement from
Les Soeurs Tribales about ATS and Old School Tribal.


The dance troupe offers “Tribal Old School” in their work shops and has the following to say:

Tribal bellydance old school and ATS are two ways to identify the same dance, that is to say the tribal bellydance that is danced in group and improvised. In USA there are 3 main styles of tribal bellydance old school or ATS:

Fat Chance Belly Dance: the format created by Caroleen Nericcio  (San Francisco/Bay Area)  based on group improvisation, works on the right side

Gypsy Caravan: the format created by Paulette Rees-Denis (Portland, Oregon)  based on group improvisation, works on left and right.

Black Sheep Belly Dance: the format created by Kajira Djouimana (Hawaii/ California), based on group improvisation, works on left and right.

It is important to specify that we are talking about ATS or TRIBAL OLD SCHOOL because there is so much tribal fusion around that people think that tribal is Tribal Fusion, or Gothic, or Hip hop Fusion etc. Tribal fusion took from ATS or TRIBAL OLD SCHOOL only some moves and especially the look but it is a solo dance with a lot of isolations typical from modern bellydance and other dances ( hip, hop, breakdance, etc).

 There is no tribal if there is not a group of people dancing together.

Les Soeurs Tribales live on stage: Saturday evening Show, 29.05.2010

Les Soeurs Tribales
- 3 -
We studied directly (this means not DVDs but classes, workshops, intensives) some FCBD and mostly GC. Our style is a mix of FCBD (10%), GC (60%) and LST (30%). We created our own format and we can improvise in GC pure style 100% or LST 100% (using only our signature moves that we called Tribal Belly Dance New School because it respects the rules of tribal belly dance old school with a contemporary vision)

Cinzia and Grazia are both certified GC, Cinzia in specialised in Old School Tribal Belly Dance (she will perform at TF10 with Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan), Grazia in Contemporary Fusion (the fusion of tribal and contemporary dance). They created together the format LST signature moves/Tribal Belly Dance New School. At TF10 they will show this style.


Les Soeurs Tribales (Italien)

Sat., 29.05.2010

Tribal Bellydance Old School 12.30-2.30 p.m.
Beginners with prior experience/IM/A
Cinzia Di Cioccio is a certified Gypsy Caravan instructor

This workshop will cover more steps and combos of tribal bellydance old school, which means Gypsy Caravan Style influenced by ATS: fast and slow movements, simple and complex combos, transitions and formations. File your Tribal repetoire with Gypsy Caravan Style and LST!

Balinese Fan Choreo 3-5 p.m. M/F
Exciting, contemporary Fan Veil Choreography á la LST

This workshop focuses on how to use a prop like two fan veils in dance, with explanation of the technique and steps. A very elegant fusion choreography inspired to Tribal and Contemporary Dance, which will capture you

Sun., 30.05.2010

LST Signature Moves/Tribal bellydance new school®
10.00-12.00 am IM/A

This workshop focuses on exclusive steps and combos created by Les Soeurs Tribales switching up in different formations. We will be using basic tribal bellydance old school moves and brand new and exciting steps and combos.


soon on hagalla: The interview with Les Soeurs Tribales...