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The 3rd international Tribal Festival in Hanover is just around the corner and everybody is excited, what Asmahan has in store this year.

To give you first glimpses, we've asked some of the dancers about what they will show us on stage and what we can expect in their workshops.

This interview series starts with Martina Crowe from Canada


A short interview with Martina Crowe about her attendance
at 3rd International Tribal Festival in Hannover 2010

by Marcel Bieger

Have you ever performed in Germany or Europe before?

Once, I had the chance to perform at Raks Britannia on the open stage 3 years ago in Blackpool, England.

What specialities can we await in your work shops; we know the titles of them, but could you be a little more specific about them, please?

My specialities, are all about adding dance movement to tribal fusion bellydance. Movement that includes a lot of travelling, fusing hip hop with waving, lock and pops. I enjoy adding killer drills to make the workshops sweat then add challenging dance movement exercises, to add speed and precision to a dancer’s vocabulary.  Then at the end of the workshop, I like to throw in some hard hitting combos with a unique twist of fusion to bring a workshop to an end.

What will we see when you are on stage?

I love to improvise!  You will see an edgy performance with killer spins and hits, but with a soft beautiful twist with some amazing electronic beats that I will mix up special for the show!

You're going to TF 10 in Sebastopol, and a few days later you will perform at Germany's International Tribal Festival 3. What importance do special Tribal Festivals have for the dance community?

If you do tribal or tribal fusion ... you need to get your butt to a festival!! At Tribal Festivals you really get the chance to connect with others in your community. Inspiration flows, ideas happen,  it’s like a tribal dance mixing pot. Finally a place where everything is tribal!! This year is my third year at Tribal Fest 10 in Sebastopol and every year is always the most amazing experience. I'm excited to attend the workshops this year at Germany's Tribal Festival 3,  it looks like it will be a great event!

Warm regards,

Martina Crowe
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