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Today it's Tempest we'd asked to speak:


An interview with Tempest on her way
to 3rd Tribal Festival in Hanover

- by Marcel Bieger

Have you ever performed in Germany or Europe before? (We all remember your "adventures" two years ago)

Previously, I have only taught in Germany (not performed due to the
"adventures" changing plans), but I've taught/performed in the Czech
, the UK, and Greece over the last several years.

What will we see when you are on stage?

Well, I have a few options I'm considered, depending upon my mood, but I can guarantee it will be something fun and uniquely me!

People believe your name is synonymous for steampunk. How did that come true?

That's great to hear, because I have worked very hard on emphasizing that Steampunk isn't just a look - that to really make it a bellydance fusion, you have to consider it much deeper than adding a few random old keys and gears on your belt and bra. To me, Steampunk Bellydance is akin to Gothic Bellydance (there's a lot of cross-over within the Gothic and Steampunk communities), especially considering they both focus on dramatic storytelling, share similar music and aesthetics - and a sense of fun. And that's what I love most about this dance - being artistic, exploring concepts, and having a good time as I'm doing it (and hopefully the audience will as well).


Tempest, live on Stage: Friday evening show, 28.05.2010!

- 5 -
What specialities can we await in your work shops; we know the titles of them, but could you be a little more specific about them, please?

Well, first off, all of my workshops are structured in such a way to
push personality creativity and style development within a dancer.
Dancers will learn new combinations and movements, but they're taught and arranged in such a way that it makes it easy to incorporate them into your own vocabulary, versus absorbing a set choreography to a certain piece of music.

"Adventures in Steampunk!" will explore what it means to properly incorporate Steampunk elements with bellydance - it’s not about just having the look, but capturing the true quality and character of Steampunk in your movement and presentation. Students will explore 3 different “personas” through mini-choreographies utilizing original and fun combinations that resonate with the essence of Steampunk: “Airship Pirate”, “Lady Adventurer” and “Coin-Operated Girl”.


Thu., 27.05.2010

Adventures In Steampunk! 6.15-8 p.m. IM/A

Steampunk is a subdivision of the Gothic Culture, a mixture of Neo-Victorian, Science Fiction, and Fantasy in fashion and music. You will experience 3 different “personas” through mini-choreographies for the essence of Steampunk: The “Airship Pirate”, “Lady Adventurer” and the “Coin-Operated Girl”. Fun factor high!

Sat., 29.05.2010

Nouveau Noir Dance 10-12 a.m. IM/A

Tempest’s specialty within the realm of Gothic Bellydance is “Nouveau Noir”: Dance pieces that reflect the art of the early 1900’s, pulling from silent films, art deco, and the Oriental craze. Students will learn combinations that capture the elegant form, fluid movement, and dramatic stylings of these eras, while being taught in a format that will enable them to absorb them into their own personal choreographies.

A Gothic Trilogy Attention: 3-6 p.m. A/MC
Discover the diversity of expression found within the realm of Gothic Bellydance by exploring style variations via three mini-choreographies.

In this workshop you will work with Romantic/Neo-Victorian Goth, Industrial/Cyber Goth, and Steampunk concepts through concise choreographies that accentuate both movement and attitude, and also will enable you to create your own choreography.

So., 30.05.2010

The Fabulous Forbidden Art of Floorwork 10.00-12.00 am IM/A

Floorwork is looked down upon in some areas of bellydance due to cultural issues and connotations – and is actually quite physically difficult to perform well – hence it’s become somewhat of a lost art in many communities. Discover an amazing and dramatic realm that can add a new level to your dance. Learn new twists plus all new gothic combinations. We’ll cover important keys for a strong floorwork performance inside and out.


The "Nouveau Noir" workshop focuses on my area of specialty within the realm of Gothic Bellydance – dance pieces that reflect the art and society of the early 1900’s, pulling from silent films, vaudeville-Denishawn style, art nouveau, art deco, and the Orientalcraze.

I'm also teaching a floorwork workshop that incorporates classicAmerican Cabaret/Vintage Oriental moves with Gothic flavorings.

And a 3 hour intensive called "Gothic Trilogy" that takes three different Gothic flavors and compares them through mini-choreographies: Romantic/Neo-Victorian Goth, Industrial/Cyber Goth, and Steampunk.