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Our interview series to the 3rd International Tribal-Festival/Hannover is going on with Tree Wicked Fairy from the UK


Interview with the English dancer Tree Wicked Fairy

- by Marcel Bieger

Have you ever performed before in Germany or on the Continent?

not in germany i have performed in the states at tribal fest, i have been also asked to perform at gothla in madrid this year in october but perform mainly in england at most events tribal and gothic, also at pagan festival's and i dance with bands, i have a dance troupe called spiral tribe i perform with in london,

What particularities can we await in your work shops; could you be a little more specific about them, please?

im not teaching at this festival, but would love to, i teach in england i am tribal fusion and gothic belly dancer in my workshops at home i like to start with yoga and other forms of stretching, we do a lot of drilling for the movements we do, also locking and popping then for dramatic stage presence, i teach sword work, fire, and other props, i like the dramatics of gothic belly dance and am also costume maker and teach work shops in costuming,

 What will we see when you are on stage?

i am doing a gothic piece  to a track called black, i am using thai fingers  and  wearing some great costuming that i make for my company my label is Child of the Henge,

How is the situation of Tribal Fusion & Gothic Belly Dance in England or even in the UK?

when i first discovered tribal there was no one teaching here, i had to travel to the states to find it and still go there when i can, the scene here is getting really big, there is quite a lot of teachers up and down the country, we have a lot of teachers from the states coming over to teach workshops all the time now, someone is always hosting some where, as for the gothic scene gothla is the main event in july that’s great fun with people and teachers coming from all over the world.

many blessings to you and looking forward to coming,

Tree xxx

Tree Wicked Fairy
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