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Interview and report in German language...
Fotos: Portrait Steven Eggers by Dionisios Romo (c), Foto Nr. 2 (c) Konstanze Winkler

We saw a stunning dark and even mystical performance from you. Is this the kind of performance which suits you best?

Atash Maya's (the group I dance with) is dark, sensual, edgy and strong. This style of performance would suit me best, but when I am performing American Tribal Style ATS you would see a lighter, more playful side.

What and who inspires your kind of art, how do you create your choreographies?

All of my solo performances are completely improvised. I do not choreograph my pieces. The only time I choreograph a piece is when we have a specific group project. In this case it is a combination of all our ideas. I am inspired by my peers and fans.

What can a dancer learn at your workshops?

A dancer in my class will learn many things. I think my workshops will give new perspectives on tribal belly dance technique. Being a male dancer I have different ways of moving and explaining movement and I have a unique style of dancing and performing. When teaching I am very thorough in describing every detail and make sure everyone knows exactly what is happening.

Tell us something about your life and career?

I have no previous dance background, only tribal belly dance. I discovered belly dance when I got lost looking for a dance studio to take an English country folk dance class and I was late. When I walked in I saw a woman dancing to drums, spinning with 2 swords on her head. I thought that was so cool.
I started taking the drumming class and learned that and soon was coaxed into dancing. After 3 months of taking the dance class I performed at a festival and haven't stopped since then. That was 9 years ago, March 2001.

What are your future plans? (Including coming back to Europe?)

My plan for the future is to finally focus %120 on my dance career, by quitting my day job. I am working on teaching at every festival I have performed at when I first started dancing. I want to show everyone the transformation I have worked really hard on from amateur to professional. I want to share my skills, knowledge, and experience with the world. I will also be filming an instructional DVD this spring.
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Interview with
Steven Eggers
about Tribalution II
by Marcel Bieger