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As no stranger to the stage Ulli LaBelle appears in a costume mainly put together from lingerie and dances to the music of “Pink Panther” (yes, like in “Clouseau”) Her interpretation is a mixture of erotic and modern dance. In the USA you would probably call this “burlesque” or “new burlesque” but this would be a confusing expression in Germany.

The dance of Inesa is a „Mata Hari“-vintage dance basing on Indian dance. The smattering of Hip Hop elements into it is very lively.

The Tribe Femmes Tribales takes us back to the roots and presents us a very charming improvised Tribal. In the second part of their performance they convince everybody with a Tribal mixture of medieval (or Renaissance) and Oriental Rock, although this dance is choreographed.

In the next chapter a girl is lying on the floor. Slowly she awakes and soon she wields her sword. The very gifted Galatea dances to a dramatic Gothic music with Latin lyrics a sword ballet of sorts and at the peak of her performance she wheels around herself until she is lying on the floor again. Her show has drama and she knows to tell a story, something we don’t see too often.

Tribe The Zoras dances fusion in the very meaning of this expression. On the base of Electro Rock we observe Chinese elements and on top of it Hip Hop and Modern Jazz. Very thoroughly rehearsed and very expressively performed. And what is even more delighting – these girls smile whilst dancing!