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The second part of the show is started by Dana Triskiliana with a piece of fusion that has a stroking semblance to “Urban Style”. They dance different and complicated looking images in modern style and every dancer seems to be isolated from the others. And in all this you even find elements of Oriental Belly Dance. What an appearance.

Modern dance is also the theme of Mariam Ala Rashi who doesn’t wander around a lot on the stage but stays on the spot. She knows all the dramatic poses and even gives us a “Turkish drop” which you don’t see too often. A mournful and sad atmosphere is around her, and her body does have expression – which is strongly accentuated by her white costume.

And now it becomes weird – in the word’s purest sense. Signa Mystera appears, the latest tribe of the Hanoverian Gothic icon Clarissa. To Industrial Rock and Oriental Rock the girls capture us with Fusion, their own brand of Tribal and shock waves and moves. Please follow this trail further.

From Denmark comes Linda Thorsager.  Last year she (and her Danish colleague Dud Muurmand) were a big success and so had to be invited to this show series a second time. Linda performs a Fusion of Vintage and Modern Dance from the Twenties. Her moves and poses strike us as tremendously accurate and in all her dramatic art you still find Oriental Belly Dance.

Vintage is also the speciality of Tribe Sondesh although they brew their very own mixture of Marilyn Monroe, Swing Music of the Fifties and Latin Conga. Their dance is wonderfully expressive and at the same time sexy.