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Elena is a member of the tribe Perlatentia and allthough at home at all sorts of dance and music she prefers a very special music mixture of Gypsy Dance, Klezmer Music and Slav melancholy. She for herself moves to all this like a snake who shoots out of her basket to attack the charmer. But all goes well and she ends her performance with a cheerful folklore from the Balkans. One thing can be said from her for sure: She has a fantastic stage presence (like all Perlatentia-girls).

Asmahan el Zein is notorious for letting men perform at her Belly Dance shows and the 2nd North German Tribal Festival is no exception to this rule: The well known Musti Nagaan. More dead than alive he crawls on stage, supported by to nurses who give him infusions. When he is back to his “best form” he dances Fusion and Hip Hop und Break dance, and everybody in the audience is amazed at such an example of virility!

The Weird Sisters make their fun of fancy Fusion girls. A dancer starts with her art as two overdone and over coloured girls appear and mimic her in an outrageous ”fusionitious”  way.

in the breaks... could tribal... the heart's content!