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The third part of the show brings us zombies for starters. Tribalicious stomp and whirl about to the music of Marilyn Manson and in the more quiet moments (if there are any) of this dance the girls do Tribal – as shaky and weird as zombies are able to tribal. In the second part of their performance the girls skip zombies and the likes and do a real Tribal, and sprinkle a little Hip Hop over it.

Sherifa Chandra brings something to us which we all have never seen before (and maybe will never see again) – a Reggae Fusion. The dancer gives her best, but the music is – naturally – not too inspiring or captivating. But Sherifa gains our deep felt respect for such an experiment.

Two vampires awake slowly to also slow music and as the music gets faster they also move faster. They tribal a mix of “vampiresque”  poses and moves and let it all end in a waltz. Aura Magica is the name of this artist duo. They waltz along until it’s time to go to sleep again, the fate of all vampires.

Heavy Metal, Oriental Dance with Indian moves plus a big portion Hip Hop this is the mixed dish which comes from Eliana, a very talented dancer who even tops her performance with a Turkish drop.

The Sisters of Quake never stand still always group together to new formations and seem to try everything which crosses their way – Hip Hop ballet and Oriental Belly Dance. Especially breathtaking the shimmies and flutters to an alto sax solo!