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The special guest of this evening is the US Dark Fusion Icon Ariellah. Already a huge success at the 1st Tribal days last year she just had to be invited again. She has won many friends in Germany and to show them how delighted she is about that she performs not only at the gala but also on the Open Stage.

And here she comes. She stomps like the nasty aunt of Godzilla onto  the stage which is part of her shock opening. But when she starts to dance she moves much softer, even melancholic.

Clattering noises like a machine gun override the music and Ariellah switches to perfect fitting shimmies and flutters.

She dances to the melancholic strings of violins about herself. But then she gets angry, and this means really angry, the music changes to a cacophony of sounds, and after that it’s payback time!

She really tells us a touching story about being dumped, getting depressed and hitting back. And when the crisis is overcome she is able to dance Hip Hop again. What a show!