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Only a few days are left then the Club Bellydance Tour with the six BDSS stars will come over Germany. Nuremburg, Ulm and Cologne are already overjoyed. To create even more a warm welcome atmosphere we would like to introduce the six BDSS dancers to you. These portraits are based on the profiles of the dancers in question, which can be found on the BDSS site. The profile of Inka is not (yet) included there, but was sent to us nevertheless.

Portraits of the Club Bellydance Dancers

by Marcel Bieger

- a consummate dancer

It is a great testament to the art of bellydance that it attracts such wide and diverse interest from all over the world. When it attracts first class dancers, dancers who would compete well in any dance form but choose bellydance as their chief love it really says something for the special nature of this dance. Sabah is one of the greatest examples today of a consummate dancer who has chosen to make her name in this art.

Sabah became a member of the Bellydance Superstars in 2006, and the company quickly took advantage of her wealth of dance experience and especially her prowess in ballet. Her creative merger of ballet and bellydance was quickly added to the show as a special feature and remains one of the high points in each successive new BDSS show. Sabah brought into the company 20 years of extensive training in classical ballet mixed with an obsession with bellydance.
Her arrival also afforded the company a unique opportunity to utilize her talents to train and hone the other BDSS dancers in ballet as it would apply to bellydance and especially to intricate choreography of the troupe. Her main ballet mentors growing up were award winning teacher and choreographer Homer Bryant and Sherry Moray.

As a teenager, Sabah auditioned and was accepted and received some scholarships to spend her summers studying intensively around the US in summer intensive programs including: Houston Ballet, Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet and ABT. No stranger to the stage, Sabah began her professional career performing in numerous professional productions of “The Nutcracker” continuously for 12 years, working her way up from young adult to principal roles. She has been a part of professional companies including “The Ruth Page Dance Foundation in association with Ballet Chicago”, “Momenta”, “Chicago’s Festival Ballet Company”, and “The Alabama Ballet”.
It was not until Sabah attended Columbia College to expand her dance education beyond ballet that she discovered her passion for bellydance. This lead her half way around the world to Egypt where she studied with famous Egyptian instructors such as Mahmoud Reda, Raqia Hassan, Aida Nour and many more during her year abroad. She attended the American University in Cairo and joined their folkloric troupe, which performed locally and in the International Folkloric Festival of France. It was also during this time that Sabah met Hallah Moustafa the creative genius behind Sabah's costumes and bellydance mixed with pointe technique. With Hallah's training and well wishes, Sabah auditioned for a license to work in Cairo as a dancer in 2004. This led to a contract to work as a solo bellydancer with a full band and back-up dancers for the cruise ship the “Nile Pharaohs” in Cairo.Sabah is currently a principle dancer with the BDSS and Club Bellydance, and one of the company's top teachers for pure bellydance, beginners to advanced, as well as ballet-bellydance fusion. As such she has taught all over the world including China, Iceland, England, Belgium and Morocco. She is the reigning queen of applying ballet technique and training to enhance a bellydancers overall dance and BDSS has just released a DVD ("Advance Your Dance with Sabah") on that subject. She also appears in the BDSS DVDs, "30 Days to Vegas", "Babelesque: Live from Tokyo", "The Art of Bellydance: Live from Shanghai", "3D Superstars" (Vol. 1 and 2), and "Bombay Bellywood: Live from Los Angeles".Sabah is grateful for every opportunity she has had to study, perform, and pass on to others her passion and obsession for dance and especially the art of bellydance.
- bridging the generation gap

With an award winning style that escapes definition, and talent that is inescapable, this Southern Beauty has been bellydancing her entire life, and charming her way across the world. Petite Jamilla is carrying on her mother's legacy, Jamilla Rasa, by bridging the generation gap between the traditional folkloric style and modern bellydance fusion. She has been performing and studying her eclectic style of bellydance intensively for over 11 years becoming professional and touring the Southeast U.S. from the age of 15, a seasoned instructor by 17, and by the time she was 19, she had 2 instructional independently filmed DVDs on the market. Before her 5 years of touring history with Bellydance Superstars, Petite Jamilla traveled to Paris, France as the featured artist for Karen Graffeo's art exhibition which documents life in Roma refugee encampments throughout Europe.
She has performed alongside the Rabat Orchestra, and even, American Idol Ruben Studdard. “Zaghareet” Magazine recognized Petite Jamilla's talent twice by gracing her as the cover artist and featured story in 2004, and awarding her with the title "Best Kept Secret" in 2006.

Petite Jamilla joined the BDSS in 2004 as a "Rose" or corps dancer but was also given a solo to perform her unique whirling dervish piece that has since become a mainstay of the show in ever more complex progressions. Soon the intensive BDSS training and touring experience combined with her inherent talent had her officially moved to the front line. With the BDSS Petite Jamilla has toured in 20 countries performing in top of the line venues alongside the ballet and shows like Riverdance. She also became one of the BDSS image icons gracing the front cover of the "Live From Paris" DVD and many tour posters. Meanwhile she also became an important member of the BDSS teacher team giving work- shops all over the world and being a featured teacher at all of the BDSS Raqs annual events.
Through all of this and the countless TV and radio performances and press features she has become one of the most recognized names in Bellydance.

She can be seen as a dancer in the following BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS DVDs: "Unveiled: Double Veil Instructional with Petite Jamilla", "American Bellydancer", "Live at Folies Bergere", "Solos from Monte Carlo", "30 Days to Vegas", "Babelesque: Live from Japan", "3D Superstars" (Vol. 1 and 2), "The Art of Bellydance:
Live from Shanghai", and our newest release, "Bombay Bellywood: Live from Los Angeles".
Petite Jamilla showcases her musical talents as a featured musician in the BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS Tribal Fusions DVD, in addition to playing bagpipes on the Baghdad Heavy Metal

other sites we have: (sirqus of Jreams)
My Bellydance troupe (
Moe O Hakina Hema)
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http://www.bellydancesuperstars.comPetite Jamilla
- feminine and fierce

Tribal Bellydance Superstar Moria Chappell travels worldwide performing and teaching the beautiful art of tribal fusion bellydance.Popular teacher and acclaimed performer, Moria is heralded as an innovator in costume design, stage make-up, and choreography. Her style both feminine and fierce, commands intensity and precision that epitomize tribal fusion isolation and individualism.

Beginning her dance career in Atlanta, GA in 2001 with Awalim Dance Company, Moria moved to San Francisco in 2005 to study with and later join The Suhaila Dance School, The Suhaila Dance Company, and Bal Anat, from which she learned the extreme muscle control and isolation fundamental to her current style. Later that same year she joined The Bellydance Superstars and began her world travels.
Moria has appeared in several Bellydance Superstars performance DVDs - "30 Days to Vegas", "Babelesque: Live from Tokyo", "Tribal Fusions" (Vol. 1 and 2), "Tribal LA: Live in Los Angeles", "The Art of Bellydance: Live from Shanghai", "Tribal Superstars", "3D Superstars" (Vol. 1 and 2), as well as the new "Bombay Bellywood: Live from Los Angeles" DVD. She is also featured in two instructional DVDs, "Tribal Fusion Fundamentals" and "Introduction to Bombay Bellywood".

Since beginning her training in 1981, Sabrina has been a dedicated student of dance. She has studied - and is continuing her education in - various styles such as Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, West African, Modern, American Tribal Style Bellydance, and Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

Sabrina is also certified in and has been teaching Vinyasa Flow yoga for 5 years. She has been a practitioner of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, and Ashtanga yoga for over 20 years. She has been certified in American Tribal Style (also known as ATS®) general skills for over 3 years and has been an avid supporter, teacher, and performer of Fat Chance Belly Dance® ATS® since 2003.

She has studied with fusion dancers such as Kami Liddle, Rachel Brice, and Heather Stants; just to name a few; and continues to be a dedicated student of many styles of dance.

Currently, in between tours and workshops abroad, Sabrina teaches weekly dance and yoga classes in the San Diego area.
She grew up in a family of dancers and spent much of her childhood backstage with her mother and father. Her parents, who were both dancers with the Paris Lido show in France, had shown Sabrina the exciting life of a dancer, and to that Sabrina feels she owes all of her success and passion for the arts.

Sabrina can be seen in the following BDSS DVDs: "Tribal Fusions" Volumes 1 & 2, "Tribal LA", "Babelesque: Live From Tokyo", "The Art of Bellydance: Live From Shanghai", and the new "Bombay Bellywood: Live from Los Angeles" DVD.

Inka’s love for dance began at a very early age. She grew up in the artistic ambience of a bellydance studio in Germany (owned by her mother Yamuna, a popular bellydancer), where international instructors like Momo Kadous, Shahrazad, Magdy El-Leisy and Raqia Hassan came to teach and perform. 

By the age of 4, she had already begun attending ballet classes and has given her first bellydance solo performance. She thereafter continued dancing in annual studio shows. From the age of 10, she started performing regularly in festivals all over Germany (Orienta, TotalOriental, Halima, OrientMagazin Festival). At the age of 14, she was invited by Raqia Hassan to attend the Ahlan wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo, where she attended workshops with Dina, Souhair Zaki, Mahmoud Reda and performed with a live orchestra at one of the glamorous evening events.
After the oriental dance magazine Halima awarded her the 2006 Best Newcomer Award, she decided to acquire a professional dance education at the international Iwanson school for Contemporary dance in Munich.  After four years of extensive training in classical ballet, contemporary and jazz dance, hip-hop, impro- visation and acting, she received her diploma for stage dance and dance education in 2010.

Inka started teaching bellydance at the age of 12; first together with her mother, then teaching her own classes and workshops.  Since arriving in Montreal in 2010, she has developed a student base for which she has choreographed solo and group performances.  She teaches modern and Oriental dance in group classes, private lessons and specialized workshops on a regular basis.

Driven by her profound love for dance and music, she continuously studies new dance styles like flamenco, contact improvisation, African and Indian dance, incorporating yoga throughout her training.
Her deep interest in learning brought her, for one month, to the Global Village Festival 2012 in Dubai where she taught Ecuadorian dance workshops and performed in daily shows to South American live music. Having been influenced by various art forms, Inka constantly seeks out new ways to inspire her and broaden the possibilities of expression for her dance. My passion is to combine the sensual, feminine Oriental dance with earthy, expressive movements of modern dance. All my performances are influenced by a diverse range of dance styles, by my broad training, my interest in experimenting with different types of music and my love for improvisation and live music.
- an exotic flower

Positively unique, Stefanya is an exotic flower, blooming with every beat in rhythm. Her passionate and inclusive artistry utilizes the dance as communication from her heart to the people. Acclaimed choreographer, award winning dancer, and rising international dance star, Stefanya is currently teaching and performing across the globe.
A resident of Los Angeles, California, her credits in Hollywood include guest star on C.S.I., female lead in the Angels and Airwaves video "Breathe" feature circus performer in IHOP's commercial "Ferris Wheel", star in Japan's NTT video conference phone campaign, The Royal Venue, Jazz Dance LA, and The American Choreography Awards. Stefanya has had the honor of working with personalities such as tap dance legend Jimmy Slyde, fitness culturist Kathy Smith, The Pointer Sisters, and visionary Cecilia Marta. Taking dance to new heights Stefanya made headlines as a featured performer in the Bellydance
Superstars production of “Raks Carnival” and in the Hollywood premier of “Stilt World.” Stefanya is also making waves in LA's performance fitness culture, pioneering the movement to revitalize dance and fitness in public schools and local communities.

Stefanya’s style and finesse caught the eye of renowned producer Miles Copeland and was chosen from a 90-dancer audition to immediately begin performing with “BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS”. Since, her debut in March 2005, she has danced on stage in more then 16 countries, at venues in, The Las Vegas Flamingo, the Folies Bergere, Glastonbury Music and Arts Festival, Casino de Monte Carlo, with exclusive performance for the Royal Family of Monaco. She appeared in the Bellydance Superstars DVDs “30 Days to Vegas”, "Babelesque: Live from Tokyo", "3D Superstars" (Vol. 1 and 2), "The Art of Bellydance: Live from Shanghai", as well the new "Bombay Bellywood: Live from Los Angeles" DVD.
It was only by chance that Stefanya was invited to a bellydance class, but an eternal love affair for the music and movement took flight. She is now a sought after teacher and choreographer inspiring students to train in both classical and folkloric forms of dance to be rounded. Stefanya's aptitude as well as the passion she feels for the dance motivates her to train on daily basis. The bellydance now fits into the many facets Stefanya has placed in her repertoire. A comprehensive knowledge of many different dance styles and techniques, Stevie has studied dance for over fifteen years. Positive, courageous and unique, Stefanya is and continues to be unforgettable.
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