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November 5th - 6th 2010

by Martina Crowe-Hewett

November 5, Amsterdam. Today I'm super excited
to meet up with my good friend Tjarda of the Uzume.

The event? A full weekend of workshops and shows featuring Frederique (USA), Les Soeurs Tribales (I) and Daniela (USA). Not to mention not one but 2 shows featuring the stars but also many guest talents from Europe! All hosted by the Uzume. A jammed packed weekend for sure! And one I have been looking forward to for a long while.

First up, was the work shops! Now what to choose? Well a fabulous pop n lock workshop with the wonderfully talented and very charismatic Frédérique. Frederique is known to be one of the founders of Tribal Fusion and has a complex tribal fusion aesthetic that is very much influenced by her strong love of unique love of electronic music. Her workshop was a complex pop n lock workshop with strong emphasis on posture, and unique and innovative ways to lock and pop. A great work shop to boost one’s tribal fusion skills and technique.
Frédérique and Martina
Next up Les Soeurs Tribales and their LST signature moves work shop. Fun and fast paced with strong influences of the Gypsy Caravan technique made famous by Paulette Reese Denis. This work shop is great at boosting your tribal improve skills. The ladies of Les Soeurs Tribales are fun, exact and very professional teachers to learn from!
Now the fun part!! The show of course! “Flashdance” was held at the New Dance Studios in Amsterdam
A small and intimate venue, but perfect for this type of show! The evening featured many guest dancers from around Europe. As well as the Uzume, Les Soeurs Tribales and Daniela. What made this show so special was the intimate nature of the venue, you were really able to get the pulse of new up and coming dancers form around Europe. Personally, I was really impressed by the talent. European tribal fusion dancers have a lot to offer on the international stage, and such up close and personal performances really show just how creative and unique European dancers are!
After a great evening, woke up to a new day of more workshops. Today we head over to Utrecht to the beautiful Rasa Theatre. On the roster, Frederique's Living for Layering, and Charm Arms work shops. Daniela's Delicate Details, and Les Soeurs Tribales Contemporary Fusion work shops. What to choose? One thing is for sure, Tjarda and the Uzume chose a great roster of workshops that really had something for everyone to satisfy the die hard needs of a tribal fusion dancer. Everyone I talked to was having a great time and really enjoying the selection of workshops. Something for everyone! All the work shops were well attended, bringing dancers from around the globe together in the class room.
After a full day of work shops you think that the energy would be tired or exhaustion setting in ... But the lobby of the theatre was transformed into a beautiful bazaar, with great food and drinks offered. The perfect thing to have dancers to relax before the big show, “Beyond Bellydance”. This comfy atmosphere really led audience members to settle in for the evening with great shopping and food before the show...
Photos © Martina Crowe-Hewett
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