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Backstage pass...
November 5th - 6th 2010

by Martina Crowe-Hewett

The dancers all abuzz ... the crowd excited to see the show ... I managed to sneak around backstage for some quick pics and fun with some of my favourite dancers! This is the backstage pass after all! For me personally the backstage experience is a special one as a dancer.

It really is a time where you get to hang out with your colleagues, chat, share stories, be goofy, make plans for future projects, meet new dancers. It looks like complete chaos with costumes and make up in a complete explosion ... but always good fun happens!
With a full house crowd at the Rasa theatre, the show was ready to go!! So many talented dancers were ready to hit the stage with their best! Some of the performers featured along with the stars were: Frédérique (US), Les Soeurs Tribales (I), Daniela (US), The Uzume (NL), Ezrah (B), Floryan Varennes (F), Charybdis (NL), Joyce Benschop (NL), The Amano Project (NL), Natasa Moskaljov (HR) Sundari (HR), Tribal Mystica (NL), Kokoro (B/NL), Levania (NL), Sulayca (NL), Esther Nederpelt (NL), Mattias (B) Hipstick Theatre (NL), Deosil Scylla (NL). And yours truly. Martina Crowe-Hewett (CAN/D)
For me the evening featured the very best in Tribal and Tribal Fusion. Many styles were represented, and an audience member really was entertained with such a diverse influence of tribal. It was really great to see Tjarda's students performing as well, in their own troupes. The Uzume influence was very present, and I was very impressed with such creativity to hit the stage! The evening featured the contemporary talents of Les Soeurs Tribales, with 2 powerful performances.Daniela wowed the crowd with her beautiful shimmies and stunning stage presence.

The Uzume never a troupe to disappoint unveiled a new emotional piece for this show. The guys came to the stage with Floryan of France dancing a beautiful yet technical piece that features his long lines and elegance. Mattias of Belgium creating a stunning piece that was really beautiful.
As well it was great to see Tjarda's newest projects in action on stage with The Amano Project, dancing to funky piece, and the unique performance group of Hipsick Theatre. Where dramatic theatre meets dance and movement to create a spell binding performance. The ladies from Croatia, Natasa and Sundari gave a gorgeous flare, with lovely Joyce Benschop dancing a simply stunning set.
Last but not least, the Lovely Lady Fred finishing off the evening. Frédérique's musicality and interpretation of music can be spell binding. She very much specializes in music mixing always creating a unique set that she can impro to in such a seamless and effortless fashion. Her years of technique training has honed the remarkable skill of seamless effort in hip work and expression on stage. This evening was no exception, her quirky and playful attitude on stage is always crowd pleasing. Frédérique created a beautiful improv piece that flowed and hit all in the right places. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed watching this master at work!
With such a busy night that meant and end to a great weekend, and event! Congratulations to Tjarda and the Uzume for putting on such a successful event. Sold out crowds and work shops! What more could an event ask for with quality workshops and shows, the perfect weekend for this dancer! After coming out to this event I am looking very much forward to The Uzume's next big event in March starring the always fabulous Ariellah and the very powerful Shakra. Check it out at

I can't wait!

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