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With velvet gloves and love armor
against the hatred in the world


A CD review by Konstanze Winkler

Now she’s singing as well! Anasma, who is famous for her remarkable dance creations, has found another expression for her creativity – singing! That’s what she loved doing most all childhood through. And now it is out – her first album
“Chance is Back".
The tracks:

1.    Chance Is Back: A beautiful opener for this album, because this pop song spreads joy and happiness. Bass and synthesizer invite to dance, and also the lyrics are a real mood elevator.

2.    Music In My Veins: Hot Latino beats, pretty cool trumpets, piano and synthesizer sound. Let yourself get moved by this song.

3.    Ocean Elevation: A breathtaking pop song that conveys vastness and freedom. Everything flows; Music, refreshing as surging sea spray.

4.    Urban Jungle: A powerful title with South American flair, modern, urban, some hip-hop style, mixed up with lounge beats. A very percussion orientated song that wants to be danced.

5.    My Home Is You: Rhythmic pop with a beautiful bass guitar intro. A modern love song,
that Anasma probably dedicated to her beloved.

6.    Velvet Gloves: “Against hatred my armor is love!” Fighting with love and velvet gloves against hatred. Wise strategies of defense from Far East accompanied by dashing beats.

7.    First Class Baby: Essence: „Know that you’re gorgeous” Great Latin glamour pop with piano and winds..

8.    Army of Light: Futuristic synthesizer-Asia-sound, spacey, enlightening, danceable!

9.    The Big Secret: Words of wisdom from a father to his son; Anasma’s recitative lyrics to dub step. Moving!

10. Only Channeling: Cool and urban disco beats that lure to the dance floor. The lyrics are about life aid, messages from the universe and the voice of the inner child.

11. The Fear of Losing you: Quiet but full of hope, a song about losing a loved one.

12. Keep Goin’, Keep Growing: An energetic and highly charged song! It’s about the right way to deal with fame and success.

13. Vampires of Creation: Vampires of Creation: Crazy composition; It reminds me of “Phantom of the Opera” but on “Future Jungle Style”. Anasma’s urgent call: Wake up from the nightmare … Be aware of your own clear mind again.

14. Ocean Elevation (Elevation Remix): Once again the beautiful song No. 3 here as a remix.

Résumé: Anasma’s CD „Chance Is Back“ is a great and danceable pop album that spreads confidence and good mood with its fresh, modern music and wonderful lyrics. How well that Anasma built this new artistic mainstay, please more of this! So give this CD a listen and after that buy it.

PS: Anasma sings some of these songs in her new program “1984 --- 2014”, which she introduced in her interview here on Who ever gets the chance to watch this show, enjoy, it’s worth every second of it!

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Order: You can order a signed CD directly from Anasma!

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With her clear and light voice Anasma radiates positive vibrations and emboldens us with life-affirming lyrics. Many songs on this CD are joyous, airy and uplifting, but there are also powerful and energetic “down to earth” titles included, which invoke us to have always an attentive mind and reflect on our personal living conditions. Everybody finds his own personal mantra here, because every song has a deeper, spiritual sense.
A first impression of
"CHANCE IS BACK" shows the video "Ocean Elevation"
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