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In the weekend of October 9-11, 2009 the organization TRIBAGOTH presented a huge program of show and workshops in Gothenburg, Sweden.

 Three well known and great teachers within the Tribal Fusion/Dark Fusion style of belly dance: Ariellah (USA), Asharah (USA) and Morgana (Spain) gave 3-4 different workshops each (master class, technique, specialties like pops & locks, dancing half-height in dark fusion, floor work, spins & turns, drama & expression – a very tough program but also very rewarding). All three teachers lived fully up to their status and delivered hard core drilling and professional input!

The show on Saturday October 10 at Musikkens Hus in Gothenburg was the largest variety on fusion/dark fusion dance I have seen so far in Scandinavia. The program not only included the best of the Scandinavian Tribal style dancers – among others I shall mention:

- from Schweden: Karolina Alvaker, Callisto, Donya,
Ulla Edenmark, Cecilia Kassmyr, Jonna Mattila,
Pernille Sund.

- from Norway: Elin Käven. Eva Loune with Tribal Eyes
 - from Denmark: Linda Thorsager and of course myself

… but also a number of other European dancers like:

- Aveyanda Skye (Netherlands)
- Kerry Darkstar (UK)

- Yolanda (Poland)
- Mihrimah Ghaziya (Germany)

AND the guest performers: Ariellah (USA),
Asharah (USA) und Morgana (Spanien).

Apart from the thrill of seeing these three big ladies perform our shoes off, this show also made me very proud that the Scandinavian Tribal dance community has so fast reached a high professional level of dancers to show off. In Scandinavia the new dance styles within Fusion/ATS/Dark/Gothic dance is very “young” but the interest is growing fast. I am pretty sure that at the next gathering we will see even more dancers presented because it was very evident from that the Scandinavian fusion community is working hard behind the scenes … many new tribes will soon emerge.

And thanks to hard-working ladies like Callisto and Ulla Edenmark who are the founding members of TRIBAGOTH, it has been possible to start up this new Scandinavian festival. The TRIBAGOTH has during the past couple of years made several more events to present workshops and show for an audience who gladly will travel from Norway, Denmark and other parts of Northern Europe to take part in this high level event together with other fusion dancers.

I guess we are just missing to see dancers from Finland, but we hope to see them soon, because we know they are there!

Skandinavian Links:


Skandinavian dancers and teachers (Fusion/Tribal):


-Ulla Edenmark/Tribal Empire.

-Elin Käven

-Eva Loune:


-Dud Muurmand (Gypsy Mystique Dancers, GaiaGaia, Tribe of Gaia)

-Tribal Troopers:  (they were not represented at this event unfortunately, but they are also a great tribe – and they organize “Tribal Camp Oslo” every year in August)

-Hannele Aaltonen:  
ATS in Finnland

I can highly recommend other European dancers to check out future events from TRIBAGOTH –I know that right now the next Dark & Tribalicious events is scheduled for September 2010 –and it will be worth a visit to Gothenburg, Sweden.
The duet DONYA
(– a fantastic couple who works with  dance fusions AND bodypaint. I love to watch them perform , please check their webpage (only in Swedish, sorry),
or this myspace-video
Callisto, Ariellah, Dud and Linda: greetings to you all in Germany !!
main photo and photo No. 2 = Duo Donya
No. 1 = Callisto und Cecilia
No. 3 = Dud Muurmand
No. 4 = Linda Thorsager

all photos (c) Linda Fredling

and the upcoming of the
Scandinavian Tribal Community
from Dud Muurmand