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”Surprise From Hell"
Photos © Nils Djervad
The Scandinavian Trio:
Elin Kåven
(Norway), Callisto (Sweden) and Dud Muurmand (Danmark)
Graphic and Layout: Konstanze Winkler

,April 27-29 2012

by Marcel Bieger and Dud Muurmand


This will be our 3rd time running this mini-festival all dedicated to dark, dramatized, expressive and experimental tribal style belly dance.For 2012 we have invited Ariellah Darker Still to be our guest teacher and performer. She is much loved by many Scandinavian dark dancers so she was a very natural choice for us ... and this will be her very first visit to Denmark, but I am sure it will not be the last.


Friday, April 27th 2012

17.00-19.00 Ariellah Workshop 1 - "Creepy Complex Combos"

20.00-22.00 TWILIGHT HAFLA with bazar & studio show (at Soulhouse Studio)

Saturday, April 28th 2012

10.00-12.30 Ariellah Workshop 2 - "Drills & Thrills"

13.00-15.30 Ariellah Workshop 3 - "The Darker Side of Movement"

19.30-22.00 DARK CABARET Show at Culture Box

Sunday, April 29th 2012

11.00-15.00 Ariellah Workshop 4 - "At the heart of it all"

We have so many visiting dancers and performers for this weekend and we knew we could not fit everyone into the Dark Cabaret, so we have this year added a new thing to our festival - the TWILIGHT HAFLA where all the workshop participants have a chance of mingling and shopping and at the same time we can present more fantastic Scandinavian dancers in a
relaxed studio show.

What is “Dark Cabaret”?

"Dark Cabaret" is the performance show at DARK WEEKEND COPENHAGEN. We have concepted this show to be something different from a traditional stage show. With the focus on dramatized, expressional and storytelling dance in this weekend, we have thought it interesting to present dark fusion dance in a more untraditional setting, making it resemble the old times Dark Cabaret or for that matter the old times Burlesque shows where normal things are twisted and turned upside/down in focus. We don’t have a political message with our Dark Cabaret, but our greater mission here is to make a entertaining dance show where you are challenged in the way you see dancing and to present fusion dance that will rock your mind and feelings ... and inspire more dancers to think outside the box. To make this "concept" happen, we started out 3 years ago with our very first Dark Cabaret 2010 being presented at the electronic music venue Culture Box ...
- an intimate dance club downtown Copenhagen - with a raw interior and actually not much seating for audience! No curtains, no fancy stage - just the center of the floor, two spotlights and the music ... and it worked!

First of all - this year, we will of course have ARIELLAH performing for us! Yes, this will be a very special experience to have her with us on this intimate stage and we are so much looking forward to it.

The artists of "Dark Weekend Festival"

Ariellah (USA)

Callisto (Sweden)

Elin Kåven (Norway)

Tribe of Gaia (Danmark)

Pernilla Sund (Sweden)

Karolina Alvaker (Sweden)

Gita Vinlander (Sweden)

Lisa Lundgren (Sweden)

Linda Thorsager (Danmark)

Dark Rose (Danmark)

Dark Empire (Sweden)

Is it still possible for artists to apply (and for vendors)

No, the line-up is settled for Dark Cabaret and due to the concept of this show we do not have a bazaar at the Cabaret, but instead at the Twilight Hafla.

But there are still tickets for the show (although selling pretty fast at the moment) - you can buy your ticket in presale with paypal on our webpage

We ask our audience to come "prepared to party" ... meaning they will be part of the show at one point and also, seating is limited so we make sure that there will be time to mingle and stretch legs ... and oh, yes - you have to be 18 years to get in. Culture Box is a night club and your ticket to the Cabaret is also valid for the club after 23.00 same evening.

- Is the workshop plan completed (and how much Danish crowns are there in an Euro?)

The "Culture Box", an intimate dance club downtown Copenhagen
"Cabaret" - Tribe of Gaia
Dud Muurmand
So our performers will dance in a very small "stage"-area right in the middle of the audience, we split the show into 3 sections with a surprise-part in one of the "breaks" ... this surprise-part we call the "SURPRISE FROM HELL" and it is a fun gimmick where ALL the performing dancers comes crawling out and "attack" the audience with a big tribal improvisation and get the audience to dance as well. ... each year will have a different theme in "attack" and theme.

The 2010-Cabaret had such good feedback and attention that we have kept this concept in 2011 ... and it will be the same idea for 2012, but of course there will be more and different surprises this year.
Second, we have (again) collected some of the very best and most dark Scandinavian dancers and have challenged them to come and show us their darkest, craziest, most experimental dramatic and emotional dances.

And there will be "experiments" ... last year in 2011, one of the acts was a collaboration in dance between me (Dud from DK), Callisto from Sweden plus Elin Kåven from Norway. A dance put together via video and Skype and rehearsed in Copenhagen just before the show.

We have some new experiments cooking for 2012.

The Cabaret-hostesses will be Tribe of Gaia (Lisa, Louise & me) and just like the two first years we will spice up the evening with pretty crazy stuff to put the audience in the right cabaret-ish mood.

Yes the workshop plan is indeed completed - and we are also sold out. We opened up registration in October for the workshops with Ariellah and less than a month after all WS-spaces were sold out. We are now managing a waiting list.
(and 1 euro = 7,50 DKK ... so for instance the tickets for Dark Cabaret are in presale DKK 120 = 16 Euro)