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The project will result in a 10 minutes dance performance to be webcasted live on the internet on

DECEMBER 16, 2009
time: 21.00 / 9 pm European Central time GMT +1

(Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Czech Rep., etc)

time: 22.00 / 10 pm European Central time GMT +2
(Finland, Syria)

time: 20.00 / 8 pm European Western time GMT
(UK, Ireland)

time: 12.00 / 12 pm Pasific time GMT -8
(Los Angeles - West Coast USA)

time: 15.00 / 3 pm Eastern time GMT -5
(New York - East Coast USA)

DECEMBER 17, 2009
time: 05.00 / 5 am Asia GMT +9

(Tokyo - Japan)

To connect with the performance on this date all you will this (and do it in due time like 10-15 minutes before to avoid blockage on server. We will try to open the camera about 30 minutes before):

- go to .. on the front page we will have a link posted
- click on the link, it will open your  Windows Media Player
- be patient for about 30 seconds and you will get a black screen
- click play and you should now see the web camera filming

- if you have a screensaver turned on please make sure to move your mouse during the show to avoid "fall outs"

- If you log in too early and you only get a black screen or an error page - you need to click "play" again to reload. If all fails, close down media player and click the link again. But remember to be patient. It will roughly take 30 seconds before the camera is on.

The performance is all free to watch, but please note: we will not upload the performance on our webpage, Youtube or anywhere else for later replay ... you can only watch the show by being there at the computer at the given time together with the rest of the world and us


 - A project from Dud Muurmand and Charlotte Bank/

BEFORE: the process of the project will be logged for everybody to follow both on  as well as on FACEBOOK/page "Project CYBER GYPSY" .

RIGHT AFTER: when the performance webcast is done on December 16, we hope you will send us some feedback, comments, nice words ...either directly on FACEBOOK (write on the wall of Project CYBER GYPSY for everyone to see) - or write us an email (email adress will be specifyed on the webpage)

- 2 -

More facts on the project

Dancer: Dud Muurmand

Camera: Charlotte Bank

Music: we will be using music by SOLACE by kind permission of Jeremiah Soto (Eventide Music Production)

Organizer: The association TRIBALDANCE.DK

Supported by:
The Danish Art Council's Commitee for the Performing Arts
Carlsberg Idelegat

Thank you for helping: Peter Szauer (Austria) - with our serverstuff and computer setup, Lisa Bügel Jørgensen, Louise Hechmann, Anne Mette Nielsen (the 3 lovely dancers of Tribe of Gaia) - backstage helpers, Mikkel Muurmand - for taking pictures for our log

... and there will be more names from backstage as we go along, because we cannot do this all by ourselves.

Thanks to all those people we have already put to work on this project :)

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