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11.28.12 - WINNERS of the 6th Contest "BELLYDANCER OF THE WORLD"
11.23.12 - "A truly amazing opportunity" - MIA SHA'URI
11.21.12 - "Taking part in the biggest Bellydance Event in Europe" - AMIRA ABDI
11.20.12 - Hagalla Special - Contest "Bellydancer of the World" COMPLETE SCHEDULE
11.15.12 - "Ahlan wa sahlan's" RAQIA HASSAN in Germany!
11.14.12 - Who can be seen on OPEN STAGE
11.11.12 - "I love egyptian style" - VANESA MORENO
11.10.12 - 6th Contest "Bellydancer of the world" - PRIZES AND AWARDS
11.09.12 - Powerbocking bearded ladies - THE SMOKY EYES
11.08.12 - 6th Contest "BELLYDANCER OF THE WORLD"
11.06.12 - World Dance Stars at the 20th Orient. Festival of Europe, SILVIA SALAMANCA
11.05.12 - Dance the Bazaar - ANITA BLAKE
11.04.12 - Where do these beautiful VIDEOS come from?
11.03.12 - Contest "BELLYDANCER OF THE WORLD" starts earlier!
11.02.12 - "Your life is like a white sheet of paper" - MAYA SAPERA
10.31.12 - Warrior and Seductress - NADIA NIKISCHENKO
current Festival -News:
20 years of Oriental Festival of Europe, 20 years THE festival of world stars, 20 years of the biggest festival in Europe. The way to this anniversary was long, but the success more than justifies every effort. No wonder that the embedded contest "Bellydancer of the World" is one of the most important on earth, as it carries its name proper. Artists of all six continents come to show their very best. Last not least the bazaar on three floors provides literally anything the world of belly dance has to offer. If you miss this great festival you can't be of this world!
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November, 21st 2012


- Interview with Amira Abdi

400 artists performing at the contest „Bellydancer of the World“ that’s some achievement. So many talented newcomers,
you start to muse, but then you discover that in between there are also artists, who are not so new any more and have won several prizes already. We have checked the list and found, amongst quite a few others, Amira Abdi, who wins prizes in
her home country, the Ukraine, on an annual basis. Why she wants to try Leyla Jouvana’s “Bellydancer of the World” this year, she tells us below:

You have won many prizes for your art could you give us a summary?

My awards are:
- 2004  1st Winner in International Belly dance Competition “Triumph of Dance” Donetsk, Ukraine, solo professional raqs sharqi
- 2005  1st Winner in International Belly dance Competition “Triumph of Dance” Donetsk, Ukraine, solo professional raqs sharqi
- 2006 1st Winner Ukraine Belly Dance Championship 2006, Kiev, Ukraine, solo professional folklore
- 2006 2nd   Winner International Oriental Dance Festival “East Star”, Lvov, Ukraine, solo professional, show belly dance
- 2006 Special award “Renaissance of the Oriental Dance” at the International Oriental dance festival “Bastet, Donetsk & Kiev. Ukraine. Special prize - trip to Turkey
- 2006, 2007 Honorable Award from Ukrainian National Academy of military forces “For high level of performance and artistic skills”
- 2010  Honorable Award from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense for the significant contribution to the development of the National Culture

Besides my students won numerous awards in competitions with my choreographies, the list is so long you can find it here:
After all these triumphs why do you feel that "Bellydancer of the World" would suit you, too?
I think even a very successful artist has to be an eternal student, to study and practice a lot to make his (her) artistic level grow up. It is very important to be up to date, to see what’s going on in the Belly Dance World, to know all new trends, to exchange opinions with colleagues.
Belly dancer of the World is a great chance to meet dancers from all over the world, to enjoy watching belly dance stars performing on one stage, to share experience and find new friend, to discover new talents for my Oriental Dance Festival which I plan to organize in Ukraine. Leyla’s choice of teachers and guest stars is excellent so it’s a great chance to learn from the best artists.
Have you ever been to Germany before? If not what do you expect from this country and the biggest festival in Europe?
That will be my first trip to Germany and it was my dream since a long time to visit this country with its rich history and culture.

As in all over the world Germany is the synonym if high quality, I am sure that Leyla’s festival will be organized on the highest level. Taking part in the biggest belly dance event in Europe will be a very precious experience for me. 
Warm regards,
Amira Abdi

Amira Abdi on YouTube
November, 23rd 2012


- Interview with Mia Sha’uri

And here is another multi award winning artist, who wants to participate at the contest „Bellydancer of the World“. Mia Sha’uri lives in Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean, which politically belongs to the US of A. Why she travels all the way to the 20th Oriental Festival of Europe she tells us below:

You have won many prizes and awards for your art could you give us a summary?
The prizes I have won are: Bellydancer of the Universe 2008, Double Crown Gypsy Stylist 2008, Ya halla Y'all Solo Star 2008 and 2009, and Belly Dancer of the Year 2010.

After all these triumphs why do you feel that "Bellydancer of the World" would suit you, too?
I believe "Bellydancer of the World" raises the bar for me. By its nature, Roland and Leyla's event is so big that I will be exposed to many a professional dancer who have chosen to visit Germany for a truly amazing opportunity to exchange stylistic differences and learn from one another. The competitions in the United Sates were very competitive, but the accessibility for dancers from other countries was much less. In Germany, I will have the opportunity to compete with dancers from many more countries with extremely different dance styles.

Have you ever been to Germany before? If not what do you expect from this country and the biggest festival in Europe?
I have never been to Germany before and I am so excited! I think I'll be in awe the whole time I'm there. I have much respect for a country that has had such great thinkers throughout history. I'm sure the dance festival will be excellent!
Photo © PixieVision Productions
There are so many unique instructors I'm having a very difficult time choosing. I love them all! This will definitely be a very special trip I will always remember.

Mia Sha'uri on YouTube

November, 28th 2012

Nov 24, 2012  in Rheinhausenhalle Duisburg
at the
20th Oriental Festival of Europe, Nov 23 - Dec 3

We saw  500 great artists/contestants  from all over the world in the fully booked  Rheinhausenhalle  in different categories and disciplines. The international Star Jury/Judges gave their best in judging and choosing 45 lucky winners!  

We congratulate all 45 fantastic winners!

Kinder/Junioren / Kids /Teenager

Kategorie Solo Kinder/Junior (alle Disziplinen!)
Category Solo Kids/Junior (all Disziplines!)
1. Tia Velentineic (SLO))  - Oriental, Choreo Nika Mlakar
2. Evelin Wegmann (D) Raks Sharki, Choreo Delanna
3. Jasmina Abdulahovic  (SLO) Oriental, Choreo Nika Mlakar
3. Nicole Bassauer (D) Voi Dance, Choreo Delanna
4. Nell Alen from school Asiya (B)  Classic, Choreo Esme
4. Imke Van Daele (B) Classic Oriental, Choreo Asiya  

Kategorie Gruppe/Formation Kinder/Junior (alle Disziplinen!)
Category group/Formation Kids/Junior (all Disziplines!)
1. Armada Troup (F), Oriental/Jazz Fusion, Choreo Esmeralda Conrad
2. BellyKids (D) - Deutsche Meister 2012) – Saidi,  Choreo Delanna (BD World 09)
3. Armada Troup (F), Balady & Tabla, Choreo Esmeralda Conrad
4. Arsinoes Töchter (D) 3 x Deutsche Meister)  Pop Balady, Leitung Bahija/Beate
4. Asiya Teens (B) Classical, Choreo Asiya


Kategorie Formation, Disziplin Fusion  
Category Formation, Discipline Fusion
1. Showtanzgruppe Leyla Jouvana (D) Riesenschleier/ huge veils (BDWorld10)
1. Show-Formation Leyla Jouvana  (D) Rumba Oriental (BD of the World 10)
2. Asiyalla (B) -Winner Stars of Bellydance – Choreo Asiya
3. Layali al Amar (CZ) Andalus/Fan Veil, Choreo Vera Lnenickova
4. El Shubani (D) Veil/Voi/Isis-Wings, Choreo Jana Sahar    

Kategorie Formation, Disziplin Klassisch
Category Formation, Discipline Classical Oriental/Raks Sharki
1. Deyy el Amar Ensemble (NL) Choreo Aisa Lafour BD World 2008)
2. Faddah el Layal (D) Choreo Mayyadah
3. A-Team & Artemisia (B) - BD World Folklore 2011 -Classical
4. Sheila´s Showteam Shazadi (NL) Champions Duo 11, Choreo Amarah Ates/Drum  

Kategorie Formation, Disziplin Folklore & Bollywood
Category Formation, Discipline Folklore/Traditional
1. Masala Dance Group (B) Bollywood, Choreo Maya Sapera (BD World Bollywood '11)
2. ProjektGruppe Leyla Jouvana (D) – Melaya Leff
3. Ensemble Nylas Orient (D) Saidi Stocktanz, Choreo Nyla        
4. Layali al Amar & Nawar Shark (CZ) Nubian Dance, Choreo Osama Eman/Lea       

Kategorie Duo, Altersklasse Hauptgruppe, Disziplin Fusion/Fantasy & Tribal
Category Duo, Adults, Discipline Fusion/Fantasy & Tribal
1. Warda & Khalida (Czech-Republik- BD World Duo Folklore 2012) Tango Fusion  
2. Renenet Tribe (Cz) Michaela Blazikova & Helena Trnkowa -Tribal Choreo Renenet
3. Duo Benat Kalima (BRD) Oriental Hip Hop, Melissa & Natali, Choreo Kalima  
3. Duo TahAmi (Tahia & Amira Najma – BRD) Isis-Wings Deutsche Meister Trio & Duo
4. Nisa Purpura (Sandra & Teresa) Tribal Orient      

Kategorie Duo, Disziplin Klassisch
Category Duo, Discipline Classical
1. Duo Nova Zia (NL) Raks Sharki
2. Duo Benat Kalima (D) Classical & Veil, Melissa & Natali, Choreo Kalima
3. Duo Amina&Shayna (D) Pop Balady Choreo Howeida & Drum inspiriert v. Leyla J.
4. Koh-i Noor & Karina (NL) Benelux Champion Duo 2012, Drum Solo interaction

Kategorie Duo, Disziplin Folklore & Bollywood
Category Duo, Discipline Folklore & Bollywood
1. Bnet Reggada (Lei TheNight & Esmii) (F) Aaarfa - East Morrocco traditional dance
2. A`Yanara Duo (B) – Gypsy Folklore Choreo Sakinah
3. Delanna & Kristina (D) - Deutsche Meister 2012 – Hagalla, Choreo Magdy El Leisy
4. Duo Aiwa Tribe (CZ) Manuela Zurekova, Monika Hüttlova, Shaabi    
4. Vendula & Ondrej (CZ) Romantic Bollywood

Kategorie Gruppe, Altersklasse: Hauptgruppe, Disziplin Fusion & Tribal
Category Group, Adults, Discipline Fusion & Tribal
1. Adivassi Co. (B) Tribal Fusion Sword/Säbel, Choreo Coralie Dubois
2. Aiwa (CZ), Arabic Flamenco Fusion
3. Chimella (B) – Vice BD World Folklore 2011 – Choreo Sofie Beackeland
4. A`Yanara Dance Compagny (B), Tribal Fusion, Choreo Sakinah Yanara

Kategorie Gruppe, Disziplin Klassisch
Category Group, Discipline Classical
1. Deyy El Amar Ensemble (NL)– Choreo Aisa Lafour (D World)
2. Yohara (B) Classical,Choreo Johanna R. (winner Stars of Bellydane Competition)
3. Chimella (B) – Vice BD World Folklore 2011 – Drum Solo,Choreo Kristl Lambert
4. Ensemble Lazurie (D) Raks Sharki, Choreo Delanna (BD World Fusion 09)  
4. Sheba (NL) Classical ,Choreo Sheila Ymke    

Kategorie Gruppe, Disziplin Folklore & Bollywood
Category Group, Discipline Folklore & Bollywood
1. Garam Masala (CZ) Modern Bollywood Choreo Vendula  
2. Nawar Shark (CZ) Bollywood , Choreo Lea Vanova  
3. Mirage (BD World Folkl.07, Deutsche Meister12) Russ.Zigeuner, Choreo Schachlo/Helen S.
4. Gruppe „Aj Na-Ne“ (D) Russischer Zigeunertanz, Choreo Alsou  

Kategorie Solo Disziplin Tribal  
Category Solo, Discipline Tribal
1. Blandine Garin/The Smoky Eyes (F) BD World 11 Tribal – Belly Ballet Popping
2. Amanda Nousiainen (FIN) – Tribal Fusion
3. Eszter Rembeczki (H) -Champions & BD World Duo 2010) Gothik Tribal Fusion
4. Michaela Blazikova (CZ)  Tribal Fusion  

Kategorie Solo, Disziplin Fusion/Fantasie  
Category Solo, Discipline Fusion/Fantasie
1. Lei The Night (F) – Arms, waacking and voguing Oriental Fusion
2. Mia Sha´uri (Puerto Rico)- BD of the Universe 08 & BD of the year 10 USA) – Wings/Spanish Fan Fusion
3. Esmii (France) – Afro contemporaine Oriental
4. Amira Abdi (UA) -BD Champion 2004,05,06)- Sword /Säbel Fusion  
4. Manon Garin (F) -The Smoky Eyes, BD of the World Tribal Group 11) Tango-Oriental  

Kategorie Solo, Disziplin Folklore & Bollywood
Category solo, Discipline Folklore & Bollywood
1. Mia Sha´uri (Puerto Rico) – Bollywood
2. Amira Abdi (UA) - BD Champion 2004,05,06) Persian Dance
3. Johanna Rediers (B) – winner Stars of Bellydance Competition B ) Saidi
4. Salmina Evgeniya (RUS) – Folklore  Khaleegy
5. Fedra (B) – Melaya Leff          

Kategorie Solo, Disziplin Klassisch/Raks Sharki  
Category Solo Discipline Classical/Raks Sharki
1. Mia Sha´uri (Puerto Rico) – Classical
2. Gyongyi Stuber  (H)(Champion Hungary)  Classical/Drum Solo
3. Lea Grujic (SLO)  - Classical, Choreo Nika Mlakar
4. Nyla (Sibiria/D) – Raks Sharki
4. Amira Abdi (UA) -BD Champion 2004,05,06)- Balady 
5. Delanna (D – BD of the World Fusion 09 - Classical Routine
6. Aniram Amira (I) Raks Sharki    

Leyla Jouvana, Claubergstr. 20 - 22 * 47051 Duisburg
Tel & Fax.: 0203/20229 **


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